Black Utopia: Negrotown

Black Uptopia:  Negrotown

Here on the Onyx Truth, we speak A LOT about white supremacy simply because this is the biggest issue that currently threatens Black society on a daily basis.  While some people can meander around in life as if they just do not simply comprehend that white supremacy is real, us knee grows can’t ignore it regardless of how bad we want to.  It’s just simply too big of an issue that often times produces lethal results.  I’m not going to lie, some days I just wish there was a sort of national timeout day for white supremacy, but we all know that is never going to happen.

In the meanwhile we have a comedy sketch by Key & Peele to fulfill our fantasies of a world where white supremacy ceases to exist & a Black utopia thrives…

Follow me to a place I know

Where there ain’t no pain, ain’t no sorrow,

It’s the place to be if your skin is brooooown…

I’m talking bout Negrotown.

Real talk, Key & Peele are comedic genuises.  Be wonderful if this place actually existed.

Your favorite mulatto.
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