OTL 21: White People Against Racism

The Onyx Truth Live show broadcasts live every Friday at 10 p.m HERE.

This episode:  We’ll be talking with some white people who are passionate about ending white supremacy & racism.  We’ll also be discussing issues surrounding a current “leader” in ending racism by the name of Dixon D. White.

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Your favorite mulatto.

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  1. Whateva

    May 16, 2015 at 7:23 am

    Having known Jorge for some years – not face to face but through facebook, this is very disappointing to me; but not totally surprising as I’ve had the experience of him indeed coddling white people in his various groups; not really wanting to confront the racism of the supposed allies; this takes time to realize and sometimes it’s a painful journey, but Jorge seemed more interested in ‘keeping the peace’ and having people ‘like him’ – than really confronting racism – which was the purpose of the groups; or so I thought. On some level they seemed to be more about pats on the back of white people and even really racist remarks were ignored by Jorge. It also seemed as a place where he and his buddies who were ‘into black women’ could meet potential partners.So yes; I totally believe Sabine’s story. And I am worried about his real intentions with this endeavor.

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