My Experience With Dixon D. White

Onyx Contributor:  Sabine

I wanted to reach out to all of the people I had befriended while doing the Dixon D. White challenge with a PSA.  It’s very hard to tell sincerity online and the ability to manipulate an image that one has craftily created, especially if one is articulate and fairly talented is unfortunately quite easy in our digital world.

When I first saw Jorge Moran’s (Dixon’s) initial video about racism, I was impressed with what seemed like raw honesty about an issue people of color (PoC) have been grappling with for centuries; that sincerity might still be present in some semblance, but there were many things about Mr. Moran that I found highly problematic.  As a woman, especially a woman of color who is often objectified and sexualized, it’s very important that we feel safe when dealing with any man, let alone a man who initiates contact under the guise of discussing an important socioeconomic/political issue.

Jorge made it clear at the outset that he didn’t really want to discuss racism with me!  Any doubts as to his intentions were silenced when, upon coming to New York a few weeks ago to receive an honorary membership to a “change” coalition at the Tribeca Film Festival and a $5k award, he promptly invited me to spend the night at his hotel room.  This is after having ONE telephone conversation where I tried to keep the dialogue centered on political issues.  He candidly confessed he was living with a woman (FYI, black of course) whom he’d been in a relationship with for years so I’d “know what I was getting myself into” but claimed the relationship was over because they only loved each other 40%.

I did agree to have lunch with him once he arrived in New York, not wanting to judge and hoping, perhaps naively, that he was indeed dedicated to the cause and was just, unfortunately, being a “man”.  During lunch he admitted that the group he’d met with had wanted him to “ham it for the crowd”, to play up his redneck accent, that of course is “put on”; that although his profile says he’s in New Orleans, he’s really in Orlando; that it was clear the mostly white members he was meeting with didn’t really want to talk about race, but he didn’t want to “ruin things for himself”.  He told me that he liked passive women.  He spoke glowingly, almost wishfully of a Hispanic roommate that he lived with who was a shameless manipulator and womanizer; he spoke of how “amazingly great” it was that he could con so many women out of their money, and how impressed he was with him.  When I dropped him off at the place where he was going to have dinner with his group, he asked me in the car if I had ever “danced” – I was confused until I realized he meant stripping.  Though I had initially been invited to hear him speak at the Tribeca Film Festival, the only invite forthcoming from Jorge was to his hotel room, and a few passes to see some films if I was interested.  I left his presence more than a little skeptical.

A few days later, after not having spoken at all, I received a text message at 11:30 pm asking “how I was doing” which I didn’t respond to.  A few days after that I received another asking if he was in the friend zone, asking me to be brutally honest because he was sexually attracted to me but would be okay to be my “friend”.  I tried to avoid what I viewed as these intrusive, inappropriate questions by stating simply that I did not know him.

Fast forward to the present, Dixon creates a thread stating he LOVES different ideas and opinions and asking for thoughts.  I make the mistake of responding with my ideas.  I get a call from Dixon the next day stating unequivocally, as if he was talking to a child that:  he would not be lectured, publicly attacked or challenged by me; that if I had something “negative” to say to him I was to do it privately.  His invite to opinions was a rouse and he wanted to control how people responded to him; I told him as much and he told me that if I didn’t do as told, he would unfriend and block me…which this morning he did.  Actually, “Dixon” has unfriended and blocked many people who have simply expressed opinions on their experience with racism, which as a PoC, we have more of a right to do than “Dixon”.  “Dixon” has threatened that he has a friend in the CIA that can make anyone’s life hell if they DARE mess with him.  “Dixon” confessed to me that the person he attributes to make him hate racism, who bullied him relentlessly growing up is his own father — the man he works for, is financially dependent on, and has been since he left college.

Childhood trauma is a terrible issue for any adult to grapple with, but it is my opinion that Jorge is trying to resolve his childhood issues with his father on a public platform, and we are all just along for the ride.  As an emotionally scared child inside, he’s a scared man that cannot abide by any independent thought, which he always perceives as threatening to a very fragile sense of self.  No one of us are perfect, but projecting our issues onto others and attacking them for it is one of the most dysfunctional things an unhealthy person can do.

Please be mindful of self proclaimed “leaders” with their own agendas.

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  1. rjl

    May 13, 2015 at 10:24 pm

    What a pathetic excuse for a human being. A complete and total fraud. Well guess what Jorge, this is America where women are allowed to state any opinion they wish about you and there is not a god damned thing that you can do about it. How dare you use white privilege in an attempt to sexually harass an innocent woman? How dare you use the blood of innocents for your own personal gain? How dare you mock the sweat and tears of those truly fighting for social justice? Then your feelings get hurt, Jorge and you block people because you can’t handle the truth? Well I guess the truth is out now and that truth is that you are a coward that cares nothing for social justice or the people that you duped in the name of financial gain and attempt for fame. Disgrace. Absolute disgrace.

  2. Johnny Silvercloud

    May 14, 2015 at 2:24 am

    Long story long, I sought to get Jorge Moran (Dixon White) on our show, Onyx Truth Live, which also branches into our podcast. He said he had to push back the time for that one, due to him booking a trip to New York. So, him being in New York… I have high confidence in that.

    When talking to him on the phone he wanted to know what questions would be asked in our online interview. Looking back, it seems he wanted to “Kim Jung Un it” by ensuring all questions were friendly ones, but that’s another issue; I take it he’s trained as an actor/producer, so yeah. Anyway the thing that I want to mention is the fact that I DID in fact bring up the point wondering if he would talk about the death threats he’s faced from white supremacists all over, and he cleanly stated that “he didn’t want to focus on haters”. His logic is that he doesn’t want to give them “much” attention.

    This makes perfect sense; while I doubt the mention of white supremacist trying to actively threaten him will give them more power, I understood his logic on it. Unity first, right?

    Well the problem is how he breaks his own behavioral register by always mentioning this “one crazy black woman” he met in “New York” who is “cyber stalking” him. For him to NEVER want to mention real genuine haters, but continually seeks to tear down this woman, is A HUGE RED FLAG to me.

    Some folks on his page will point out, passively, that he shouldn’t focus on this “hater” of his. But most of his followers are far more vulgar; they are quick to dismiss the word of this lady, attempting to suggest her efforts to prove her point is “obsessive” and such. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a huge sexism burger with an order of white privilege on the side.

    In break neck speeds, so many people want to dismiss this woman’s claim, it’s incredible. Maybe it’s a little different for me being that I’ve actually talked to the fellow myself, and also dealt with him threatening and nearly stalking an Onyx Truth Contributor before:

    A while back ago, a writer named Star Seed only had a disagreement with his methods in dealing with racism. This guy went out to literally threaten her and threaten Onyx Truth saying this is “slander” and he “spoke to his lawyer” about this. The funny thing is, we have lawyers too — real ones. So, he could not make good on his threats, and his actions were long forgotten. In retrospect, he’s an actor, so yeah… he tried to fake it to make it.

    This proves the point that he doesn’t take disagreement, criticism or rejection well. So on her pointing out his behavior concerning disagreement and rejection… I believe the hell out of her.

    Overall, his efforts the continuously attack this woman betrays everyone. It’s just incongruent with his point on not talking about, not lashing out at, white supremacists who genuinely threatened his life. How does he have the gull to NOT attack white supremacist bullies but willingly and enthusiastically attack a black woman!?

    Sure his followers… follow his surface intentions but, just like the author of this article, I talked to him before. Being that I’m a cerebral fellow who interview many people it’s easy for me to pick apart his lies, or, usually if anyone is lying. He’s the one lying.

    Now, he’s new to the anti-racism thing, so perhaps his ill-fated attempts at lust fell apart. His best course of action is to STOP attacking this woman and apologize to her and the followers he consistently lie to. Maybe, his anti-racism thing is savable. But until then, he has zero credibility until he ceases attacking this woman he tried to holler at.

    • rjl

      May 14, 2015 at 8:52 am

      I read the posts on his profile. Ironically, what people do not realize is that they are helping to support white privilege. No one outside of Jorge and the young lady in question knows what really happened. Those that have dealt with him on a personal basis and know how manipulative he can be have no issues believing the young lady due to his prior actions. However, without dealing with Jorge, aka Dixon, on a personal basis or the young lady in question, seem to have formed a biased opinion that supports Jorge without any evidence. One poster even commented on how the young lady in question attempted to reach out to the poster and present evidence against Jorge and the poster dismissed the young lady and stated that it was not her business. Meanwhile, Jorge appears to be soaking up the praise and for all the alleged support of social justice, both Jorge and his posters seem to ignore the fact that they are engaging in the very social injustice that the believe themselves not to support.

      First, victim blaming and slut shaming, sexual harassment, especially when a person of privilege is involved against a young woman of color is everyone’s business. People wonder why priests, pastors, politicians and other people in certain positions walk away from committing sexual harassment and/or abuse. It’s because people would rather believe a lie than believe a victim. People would much rather believe in a slick con artist that feeds off of their emotions. Then society wonders why such individuals are so successful in our society. They wonder why so many people would give up their hard earned money to shady, false prophets or the judge that has consistently ruled in favor of injustice or the coach that raped little boys for years. A coach that could have been brought to justice sooner and the prevention of future victims ensured had others taken a stand for justice, instead of ignoring the coach’s actions and walking away even after witnessing that coach rape a little boy.

      Second, what if this young lady was your daughter, your mother, your sister and she came up to you with proof that a man was sexually harassing her? Would you dismiss her and tell her that it’s none of your business? Are we to fight to make combating racism everyone’s business but ignore sexual harassment committed against individuals? Is it okay to allow someone to get away with sexual harassment in a society that has long stereotyped black women and degraded them? In a society where the majority of sexual abuse cases do not make it to court and even when those cases make it to court, the victim is slut shamed for something the rapist did? When we engage in such tactics ourselves, we do nothing but support the harasser or in some cases, the rapist and the oppressive system that victimizes black women more than any other ethnic group in America. We allow them to get away with such vile acts and give the harasser power free rein to commit such appalling actions against another victim.

      Yet again, it’s not our business? I’m sure that Sandusky’s colleague might have felt the same when he witnessed Sandusky rape a little boy. That It wasn’t his business. It’s a damn shame that we treat victims in such a disgusting manner.

      Third, it is a common tactic of harassers, rapists and abusers to play victim and call their victim crazy and attempt to destroy their credibility. The fact that so many have ignored these symptoms is alarming. Jorge does not merely deny the allegations, he went out of his way to smear the victim and shame her. He cries that he is being bullied and in fact, he is the one engaging in bullying tactics and receives support in harassing the victim. He claims that her friends are constantly harassing him and constantly saying mean, nasty things about him. There have been two people that have commented on this article. Compare that with the number of supporters that he has duped.

      So much for being a crusader for social justice.

      • WoobieTuesday

        October 30, 2015 at 4:11 pm

        Thank you.

    • WoobieTuesday

      October 30, 2015 at 4:11 pm

      Thank you for this.

  3. Marcia Hart

    May 14, 2015 at 10:16 am

    When I first saw his video I had a weird feeling about him. My initial reaction was his redneck (and apparently fake) accent. I know lots of people like that and it makes me cringe. Anyway, I then came to find out he was Jorge Moran in RL and I thought it was odd that he’s playing a character. To me that isn’t being true to the cause. I admin a fb group and brought this the attention of my fellow admins but they seemed to think he was the shit so I just left it alone for a minute. I knew he would hang himself if he wasn’t the true deal. I then heard about this writer’s experience and I know she has gotten some backlash. However, she doesn’t have any reason to lie and he has every reason to lie to protect his reputation. He always claims to be white but he’s part Hispanic. I called him out on his public profile page about that and then asked him about being accountable and confronting his own blind spots and internalized racist views. My comments were soon deleted. He messaged me in the meantime asking me playing the victim and thanking me for adding to the slander and his stress. This is a guy who is capitalizing off of dead Black bodies for his own benefit. One of the biggest red flags for me was in an article I saw (which I can’t find now arghhh) about how he claims 17 years or whatever ago he decided he was gonna be an anti-racist. However, in his bio on his website, he talks about his past and him always having this desire to be an actor. This guys is not right.

    • WoobieTuesday

      October 30, 2015 at 4:11 pm

      Thank you, Marcia.

    • Ed Haddad

      January 14, 2018 at 11:32 am

      Dixon blocked me after one opposing post. To me he is kkk wanting a race war and encouraging blaxks to hate just like ‘reverend’ jeff hood.

  4. Robert Moulds

    May 29, 2015 at 11:41 am

    Dixon White really Jorge Moran a fraud and ironic racist. Dixon preys on the foolish whines like a treed bear cub in a nature film but not as cute. Dixon name was picked either to denote the Mason Dixon line or racist writer Thomas Dixon. Thomas Dixon wrote the Clansman a racist book used as material for D W Griffiths 1915 movie birth of a nation a 100 years ago. Dixon is just another cracker jack pecker wood country dumb fell off the turnip truck white trash redneck rube.

  5. Daddycool67

    June 12, 2015 at 10:58 pm

    So because you don’t like like the guy.
    And you don’t because it seems that he is (apparently) using a fake identity to put out his message …. which is a valid reason …

    Does that make everything he says untrue?
    I don’t think so!

    I don’t hear him making any claims that other people haven’t made.
    I don’t hear him saying anything wacky or out of line.
    I don’t hear him asking anybody for money or to help him do anything.

    The only thing I hear him asking people to do is to THINK.
    And there you have the root of the problem.
    The last thing many people want is a bunch of Americans getting together and thinking! Because when people think … the truth usually comes out. Common enemies become defined. People begin to work together toward a common goal rather than working alone or against each other. And ideas begin to flow which could end in solutions.
    Which is exactly the LAST thing … the subjects of his videos want to see happening!

    • Friendlyword

      June 13, 2015 at 5:14 am

      People will always try to distract you from the important message of racism. The MO is always the same: SHOOT THE MESSENGER! The problem with that today is that people are not as gullible as they use to be. And, con artist, sure, are not as smart as they use to be. I’m not falling for it! And, hope people promote JORGE’S message; whatever his motivations are. Stick to the point!

  6. Friendlyword

    June 13, 2015 at 5:22 am

    WOW, this slime is better than the FBI smearing MLK!

  7. Friendlyword

    June 13, 2015 at 5:31 am

    2718 Views…Not 1 like! Sorry, people just won’t be manipulated like you planned. Jorge/Dixon words are a lot more believable, and make 10x more sense than the dribble in this article, smear rag, (or whatever it is).

  8. Barbara Blackburn

    October 24, 2015 at 12:57 pm

    I googled him just now after an unpleasant experience with him, where I was saying that it isn’t always helpful to “attack” racism in people, that sometimes you have to educate, etc. He told me only white people say this. I am white, yes. But, I’ve been committed to changing racism for a long time. I’m 56, was raised in a racist town, and I’ve always spoken out. I’ve written editorials that got me death threats, but, that is not admirable at all. Because all I want to do is to listen to people who experience racism and dialogue and help other whites learn to listen. Dixon seems to make everything about him. Makes me very uneasy. Now, I see others have had worse experiences and it confirms the funny feeling I had in my gut. Thanks for sharing.

    • John Wason

      April 12, 2017 at 4:22 am

      I had a very, very similar experience with ol’ Dixon. He booted me out of an anti-racism Facebook group which he moderated, saying that I “coddled racists” because I was suggesting that sometimes love is more effective than haranguing in dealing with racists. You can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar, but vinegar is the only ingredient Dixon is familiar with.

  9. Monia

    January 7, 2016 at 5:06 pm

    As a former member of his group, Getting Comfy with Discomfort, have a bit different perspective on Dixon White.
    He was called out by another Facebook group for being a white savior to the activist cause. While this poster never called him by name, he did post his pic.
    Dixon proceeded to get angry and vehemently deny that he was a fraud. He expected to be coddled and told he was fine. I simply told him to grow a pair; this is something that we in the black community have to deal with constantly. He proceeded to get angry and block me from the group.

    Obviously, as a true black activist, I have a different feeling towards him. It seems he’s comfortable fighting white supremacy, as long as it’s within his comfort level. Despite the fact the group is supposed to be driving people out of their comfort zone, the very leader of the group isn’t out of his comfort zone. Perhaps before idolizing him, we should remember a) he’s only human b) he may not be the ally he appears to be.

    • Ed Haddad

      January 14, 2018 at 11:35 am

      I think he is kkk and wants division

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