Baltimore Police are Idiots

Onyx Contributor:  Johnny Silvercloud (@JohnnySilverclo)

I’m going to front-load this one right here: the Baltimore Police Department are idiots.

The Baltimore Police are idiots on three accounts:

  1. On attempting to “leak” false documents suggesting it’s possible for a man to sever his own spine and break his voice box by himself, and;
  2. On turning a public safety device into a propaganda device.
  3. On the passive-aggressive attack on the one person that can save them from themselves — Marylin Mosby.

Let’s look at the first offense.

Perpetuating False Statements

When the BPD decided to “leak” the falsified account claiming Freddie Gray harmed himself, they just simply gave no fucks.  It’s like they said, “well let’s release this bullshit and let America’s Racism decide this.”  The Baltimore Police genuinely figured that racist animus against black people would override basic common sense.  Numerous doctors have pointed out that it is impossible for a man to kill himself that way, in the back of a police wagon, by himself.  Numerous commentators pointed out that this again dives into the “magical negro” myth, as if a black person can magically do things supernatural.  Overall, this claim is so stupid it’s unbelievable that they even considered trying it.  One would at least think that police would consider the backfire effect of it.  This ridiculous claim only served purpose was to inflame the Baltimore public.

“My Life Matters”

The second error in their ways is how they use their twitter profile shamelessly as a propaganda mechanism instead of a public safety device, as it should be.  This self-serving, incorrigible conduct is mind blowing in it’s audacity.  Perhaps as a veteran, I figure that those who select a profession that places themselves in harm’s way know damn well that their job is, well, dangerous.

As a military associated person, I never sought credit for the fact that I can, well, die.  In fact, that’s precisely what honorable service looks like; no glory seeking, no extra pat-on-the-back seeking, just do your job — in accordance to the Uniform code of Military Justice, Code of Conduct and Law of Land Warfare.

As a uniformed service member of some sort, there’s no need to remind anyone that my life matters through Twitter pages or anything; it’s pathetic, dishonorable and cowardly.  The act just has an air of dissolute pusillanimity.  If policemen are that afraid, why not pursue another job?  It would serve a greater public safety measure if chickenhearted personnel calling themselves police actually let greater men serve in uniform.

It could be understood if policemen had no firearms, and were always getting clipped by armed gunmen who infinitely get away with murder, but that’s simply not how it is.  In fact, it’s the other way around, and people are currently finding no difference between a common street gang and urban police departments: they both are armed, and give no fucks about the local public.  This leads to a situation where people have NO ONE to turn to & NO ONE to trust.

The problem here is the fact that the public have a logical reason to expect police to be trustworthy and professional.  It’s deeply flawed for a cop to, well, let’s put it this way… on his car, it says “to Protect and Serve,” but inside the car it says “my life matters”.  So, who exactly is this police officer serving?

Might I also make the point that no one ever made the argument, claim, implication or insinuation that his life doesn’t matter?  The system completely understands his life matters, for he is given at the very least:

  • a firearm to defend his life.
  • a bulletproof vest, to defend his life.
  • a vehicle which is slightly up-armored, to defend his life.
  • and a radio to call for backup to insure…
  • …more police officers with bigger guns show up to defend his life.

So with all of this weaponry, armor and support personnel, it’s categorically absurd for a cop to go the extra distance to proclaim his life matters.  A cop is armored, and in regards to killing, well trained to combat threat, to a fault even.  This Baltimore’s Fraternal Order of Police just reeks of self-serving cowardice.

Attacking Marilyn Mosby

The final stupid has to go to their passive-aggressive attack on Marilyn Mosby, the State’s attorney for the City of Baltimore.

“Mr. Gray suffered a severe and critical neck injury as a result of being handcuffed, shackled by his feet, and unrestrained inside the BPD wagon,” Mosby said.  She also said that Gray should never have been arrested in the first place: the officers “failed to establish probable cause for Mr. Gray’s arrest, as no crime had been committed.”

“I’m here to do my job.  It’s about applying justice fairly and equally to those with and without a badge.  Did I treat this case any different in the pursuit of justice?  No, I didn’t.” ~ Marilyn Mosby

Out of all of the cop bias and racial animus against black people that just, allow the American public to justify the torment of Afro-Americans, she is infinitely a breath of fresh air.  After a giant pattern of a lack of justice in each case, to include the anathematizing of the dead victim, it was a total shock to see someone else, a black woman, to stand up in the face of political forces and actually pursue justice — the way it should be.  The reason why the BPD is catagorically stupid, is for this one reason: she is the only thing in existence that can SAVE this police department.  What the BPD doesn’t understand, is that police corruption destroys the relationship a police department is supposed to have with the local community.  She, much like a surgeon removing cancer, seeks to remove this illness before it does more damage.

The problem with police is the fact that they tend to protect their shitbags, something no other profession can get away with.  When wrong, doctors lose the ability to administer medicine, and lawyers lose the ability to do law.  So a cop, if wrong, should lose the ability to exist on a police force, at the very least.  When cops protect shitbag cops, this conflates the entire force to be corrupt.  Sure, there are good cops, but what good are they if they are silent?  Silence becomes nonexistence being that police do not police up police.  It should be said once again, that pro-cop oversight doesn’t equal “anti-police”.  Everyone needs rule of law.

So there, the three ways the Baltimore Police Department are idiots.  There’s only two outcomes: either they unfuck themselves, or State’s Attorney Mosby will do it for them.  We can only hope that something gets done, whatever which is the fastest.  Stupidity, is in fact curable.

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