Race Relations 101: Step 2 — “Black on Black Crime” Deflection

Race Relations 101:  Step 2 — “Black on Black Crime” Deflection

Step 2 when it comes to dealing with race relations between the dominant society & Black society is to put some knee grows on TV to deflect to the “What about Black-on-Black crime?” narrative.  This is done in an attempt to remove any guilt white society may have towards the treatment of those within Black society & to send another warning to Black society saying…

“Hey knee grow, stop focusing on what the dominant society does to us.  You gonna cause us more problems!”

This is a favorite tactic of those within the dominant society & those who uphold the values of white supremacy.  No matter what the issue is that may be going on, injecting the “Black-on-Black crime” narrative into any conversation surrounding the overall status of Black society is nothing more a tactic to simply avoid the present discussion at hand.  As of lately the dominating conversations within Black society pertain to white supremacy & the police unjustly killing unarmed Black people.  Any time Black society tries to have a constructive conversation to address these social ills, the first thing the dominant society does is to send in some fetch-n-step knee grow to divert the topic to Black-on-Black crime.  These knee grows simply think that by bringing up the internal issues of Black society that this is somehow a justification for those who practice white supremacy to come in & do as they  may.  Why because they often say “Well, how can you get mad at cops killing Black people we kill each other every night?”  The problem with this bullshit is that they are two separate issues period.  Imagine if you came up to me telling me about your relative who has just been diagnosed with cancer & all of a sudden I switch the topic to “What about lung cancer, what about heart disease, what about diabetes, what about athlete’s foot?”…you would look at me like I’m crazy.  But this is exactly what happens every single time Black society tries to address the unjust ways of those who practice white supremacy within the dominant society & these rouge cops who are essentially nothing more white supremacy foot soldiers.

And before any of you reading this come at me sideways with a statement saying that Black society does not talk about internal issues such as Black-on-Black crime…do me a favor & shut the fuck up.  Black society ALWAYS talks about our internal issues.  Shit I do it on my podcast all of the time.  Go to any city with any significant Black population where there is a high crime rate present, there are ALWAYS people in the streets trying to address the issues we in Black society inflict upon ourselves.  The problem is, none of it is news worthy so most of you out there never hear about it.  Why?  Because the mainstream media loves issues concerning racial tensions.  The mainstream media is not about to give members of Black society a spotlight to highlight all of the good they are attempting to do in their community among our people.  That would be going against the grain in relation to the image the dominant society has been pumping out since day one in regards to how Black society is perpetuated.  Let’s not kid ourselves here.

Finally, if people want to inject Black-on-Black crime into every narrative that deals with the mistreatment of Black society due to the dominant society, well we need to start talking about white-on-white crime.  Ohhhhhhhhh….I wasn’t supposed to type that now was I.

Every time a white supremacy foot soldier inflicts unjust harm or death onto a member of Black society, Black folks need to IMMEDIATELY start talking about white supremacy & white-on-white crime in order paint a picture of how savage these foot soldiers really are.  We need to talk about all of these school shootings, meth heads, Wall Street thugs in suits, religious child molesters, college basketball rioters….all of that shit to help paint a complete picture of a white supremacy foot soldier.  And to add some icing on the cake, throw in Iggy Azalea & Eminem for their brainwashing lyrics on young white kids…after all, they do it to us.

Your favorite mulatto.
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