Candidate Clinton is Radioactive

Onyx Truth Contributor:  J.S. Franklin

Make no mistake, Hillary Clinton is radioactive right now; and not in a good, radioactive Spiderman sort of way, but rather in a bad, keep your distance, Madame Curie sort of way.  The liberal media and like minded liberal folk have been waiting for months for Clinton to announce her candidacy for the Presidency in 2016, and now that she has almost no mention of her name can be found anywhere.  In fact about the only people who are talking about Clinton are the quasi-honest, right of center people over at Fox News who have been covering the seemingly unending string of scandals that have been surrounding Clinton since she announced her candidacy.  And it has been a long, long string of “scandals”.  From her failure to meet with actual common-folk during her “meeting with common-folk” in Iowa, to her lying about her ancestral heritage, to a large portion of her Twitter followers being fake, to her use of a private email server during her time as Secretary of State in violation of federal rules and regulations, to her State Department granting awards to donors, to her foundation accepting donations from foreign governments while serving as Secretary of State.  And now the most damning scandal of all, allegations that foreign investors purchased influence from her and her husband through contributions to the Clinton Foundation.

The incident at hand involves Canadian investors, the government of Kazakhstan, Bill Clinton, Secretary of State Clinton, and the Russian government.  In 2005 a wealthy Canadian named Frank Guistra was trying to break into the energy sector by buying into uranium mining interests in Kazakhstan, known to have some of the world’s richest uranium deposits, and also known for being corrupt and a human rights violator.  He needed help securing approval from the Kazakh government so he turned to his friend former President Bill Clinton.  The two men flew to Kazakhstan and met with the president, whom the US had recently accused of stealing an election, and seemingly in return for an endorsement to the UN on his commitment to human rights and honesty from Clinton, the Kazakh president gave his approval to Guistra to acquire the mining interests he sought.  Shortly after that Guistra’s company, UrAsia Energy, merged with another company called Uranium One and they began buying up uranium operations in several places to include the US.  For his efforts Bill Clinton secured roughly $130 million in donations to the Clinton Foundation from Guistra.

Fast forward a few years, Hillary Clinton is now Secretary of State, and Uranium One is now in trouble in Kazakhstan.  Accusations arose that Uranium One acquired its mining interests in Kazakhstan (via merger with UrAsia Energy) through illegal sales of state run mines.  Arrests were made in Kazakhstan and threats to confiscate the mines were lobbed.  Being a Canadian-owned company Uranium One pressured Canadian diplomats to do something.  They also turned to a familiar friend, Secretary Clinton and the US State Department.  Cables leaked by Wikileaks clearly show dialogue between Uranium One officials and US diplomats at the embassy in Kazakhstan.  Days later a state-owned Russian company, Rosatom buys a 17% stake in Uranium One and the problem in Kazakhstan goes away.  Speculation has always been that Russia instigated the entire incident in order to create a situation that would allow them buy into Uranium One and bolster their own uranium holdings by gaining control of the Kazakh mines.  This is further supported by the fact that over the next few years Rosatom was able to secure controlling interest in Uranium One.

Here’s where things get interesting.  Remember when I said Uranium One owned uranium mines around the world including the US?  Well they own significant mining operations in the US, approximately 20% of all US uranium in fact.  And as it stands now Russia controls Uranium One which means Russia is a dominant source of US uranium.  So how does this tie into Hillary Clinton?  Since uranium is vital to national security, in order for Russia to complete the purchase of Uranium One they would have to have approval from the federal Committee on Foreign Investment which includes the heads of the major cabinet departments, State, Treasury, DHS, Defense, Commerce, and Energy.  Clinton was head of the State Department during this time.  Also during this time the chairman of Uranium One, Ian Telfer, made millions of dollars in donations to the Clinton foundation.  Telfer stood to gain huge amounts of money if the Russian buyout was approved.  Even more interesting is that these donations were not disclosed by Clinton or the foundation in accordance with a federal agreement she signed when she took the job at State.  She was required by President Obama to sign an agreement limiting and disclosing all foreign donations to the Clinton foundation in order to eliminate the possibility of conflicts of interest.  At the same time millions more in donations came into the foundation from other people connected to the Uranium One deal.

No one knows what exactly went on at the meeting of the Committee on Foreign Investment during which the Russian deal was approved, as those meetings are very secretive.  What is known is that several members of Congress attempted to pass legislation that would have killed the deal for fears of putting American uranium in Russian hands.  In an attempt to assuage these fears the American Nuclear Regulatory Commission issued at statement saying that before any American uranium could be shipped out of the country Uranium One would need a government issued license to do so, which they still do not have.  However it has since been revealed that even without this license Uranium One routinely ships American uranium to refineries in Canada and beyond.  Even more disturbing is that Uranium One is no longer a publicly traded company and is now owned in its entirety by Rosatom.

So what we have is a series of foreign investors making undisclosed donations to the Clinton foundation over a period of several years, totaling in excess of $130 million, seemingly to buy influence in order to purchase and then sell uranium mining rights in both Kazakhstan and the US.  The result of which is that the Russian government now controls a significant source of America’s uranium.

Going back to what I said at the beginning about Clinton being radioactive, at the time of this posting none of the major news outlets are talking about Clinton, nor any of the scandals surrounding her to include this one.  None of them except Fox News of course.  I would urge all of you out there to carefully examine this woman as a potential Presidential candidate.  Do your own research, look into all these “scandals”, and ask yourselves if this is truly the sort of person you want representing our nation.

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