Black Podcasts: Voices Of The People

Black Podcasts:  Voices Of The People

What is a podcast?

By definition:  a podcast is a digital audio file made available on the internet for downloading to a computer or portable media player, typically available as a series, new installments of which can be received by subscribers automatically.

In layman’s terms that simply means an online “radio” show that you (the subscriber) can listen to on demand whenever, wherever, & on whatever device, so as long as you have access to the internet.

According to Apple there are over 250,000 unique podcasts in more than 100 languages with over 1 billion subscriptions to podcasts.  That means there are a lot of online radio shows covering any topic you can possibly imagine.  Unlike terrestrial & satellite radio where you are basically limited to what you can listen to, in the world of podcasting…there are literally no bounds.  It’s like the wild west of the audio frontier.  Whatever makes you happy in life, chances are you can find a podcast show covering that topic.

Why the emphasis on Black podcasters?

When podcasting first started to become popular in 2004, podcasting was mainly viewed as something nerdy white guys participated in when they wanted to geek-out talking about all things tech.  Eventually people other than nerds started to catch on to podcasting & realized that this medium could be used in the exact same manner as that of traditional radio programming and with that, the flood gates opened up to everybody & their mama starting a podcast talking about everything up under the sun.  So now literally anybody with the desire who wants their voice to be heard can do so.  The problem with this medium is that there are presently over 250,000 ANYBODIES podcasting and like with most other things in life, Black people tend to be the minority of the bunch.  Out of all of the 250,000 podcasts in existence, there probably is no real way of measuring how many of these podcast shows are Black podcast shows, but I’m just going to assume that it’s probably less than 1,000 Black podcast shows….but I could be wrong.  I just have no way of actually finding out the real number.  So I’m writing this article to highlight some of the Black podcast shows that I personally listen to that I think you should check out AND I’m going to list some other Black podcast shows that I know of by way of a Facebook group dedicated to Black podcasters that I participate in.  But before I do that, if you have never listened to a podcast I’m going to list 5 reasons why you SHOULD be listening to a podcast ESPECIALLY if you are Black.  Understand most of the readers of the Onyx Truth are Black, so white America & every other race who reads my website…don’t take it personal, it is what it is.  There are a gazillion other websites articles on the net talking about every other podcast in the world, but very few dedicating time to actually highlighting Black podcasts.

5 Reasons Why Black People Should Be Listening To Black Podcast Shows

1.  Black podcasters are Black.  Seriously, these are brothas & sistas who look like you, act like you, talk like you, & care about the same things as you.  They have just decided to get behind a microphone & bring the Black perspective.

2.  Black podcasters are independent.  Damn near every Black podcast show that I know of is produced, owned, & operated independently which means, they are not restricted to what they can say or how they choose to say it…they speak their truths as they see it.

3.  Black podcasters are the voice of the people.  Like I stated in the 1st point, these are people just like you.  So when you tune into their show, they are literally speaking the language of the people.  Chances are whatever struggles you go through in life, they too go through it.

4.  Black podcasters do it for love.  Most Black podcasters earn little to no money off of their shows, yet the love for talking to the people to present the Black perspective is more powerful than earning money.  Sure we all would love to earn money, but most of us are realistic in understanding that we may never earn money…yet we still care about the Black experience being properly represented.

5.  Black podcasters keep it real.  Since most Black podcasters earn no money, there really is no need for a Black podcaster to be fake.  Unlike Black TV & radio personalities which are ultimately owned & controlled by a white media company which means a Black personality is only allowed to get too black, in the world of Black podcasters..nobody owns us.  So we can tell the truth, the whole truth, & nothing but the truth as raw as we damn well please because more than likely the mainstream media will not do it.

Now that I’ve explained what a podcast is & why you should be listening to & supporting Black podcasts, I’m going to first present you my list of shows I personally listen to whenever I get the chance with a brief explanation about the show, then I will give you a list of other Black podcast shows that I know of for you to check out at your leisure.

Black Podcasts I Listen To Regularly In No Particular Order

1.  Onyx Truth Podcast:  Yes, I’m plugging my show first.

2.  R&B:  Relationships & Bullshit:  Black podcast hosted by a gentleman from Toronto, Canada where he discusses a lot of relationship & social issues.

3.  Next Door Neighbor Radio:  Black podcast that does on average 5 episodes a week covering topics from celebrity & sports worship foolishness, social issues, and all kinds of stuff in between.  Home of Mr. Moody’s Neighborhood, Hood Love Monday, Jeff Is Moody, Super 7’s.

4.  Straight Outta Lo Cash:  Black podcast based out of St. Louis, MO.  A network of hip hop, comedy, film, comic book, and relationship podcasts.

5.  The Hip-Hop Digest Show:  Any & all things related to hip-hop…you need to be listening to this show.  Elders of Hip Hop.  Never frontin’ on the culture.  There’s a lot of discussion going on about Hip Hop… Here’s a show that’s all inclusive.  No frontin’ allowed!

6.  The Combat Jack Show:  Black podcast dedicated to the talking about the history of hip hop.  The Combat Jack Show is weekly podcast comprised of a diverse array of personalities with an overall love and appreciation for hip hop culture, fashion, music, and current events.

7.  The Tariq Elite Radio Show:  Black podcast mainly dedicated to social issues & relationships.  The official podcast of best selling author and critically acclaimed filmmaker Tariq Elite Nasheed.

8.  The Pennymon Doctrine:  Black podcast mostly focused on political & social issues.  The Pennymon Doctrine is a topical podcast that is for everyone but geared to millennials. The world continues to tell us that the younger generation has no work ethic, no morals, we feel we are entitled to everything and more.

9.  Just Thinkin’ Out Loud Media:  Black podcast discussing 2 Black female perspectives on popular news stories, politics, entertainment, pop culture, & general ratchedness.

10.  Kevin Hates Hip-Hop:  Audio diary of a young Black publicist/entrepreneur discussing his travels in life & lacing people with game along the way.

11.  The Spann Report:  Black podcast based out of Detroit discussing current events & social issues.

12.  The “What Up Doe?” Show:  T. Wilson is a former stand up comedian, musician, and broadcaster who brings you a unique flavor for comical news with a periodic serious twist.

13.  #7Thirty Show:  Urban talk featuring a man who hasn’t taken his medicine. Sports, Culture, News, Hip-Hop ,etc from the field.

14.  Clock Radio Speakers:  Discusses music, media, sports, and anything else they can nerd out about.

15:  The Shiznit! Show on the RedRock Podcast Network:  RedRock is the home of The Shiznit Show which is a talk show that covers everything from celebrity gossip to serious social issues with a whole lot of funny thrown in, HoopLA is a sports talk show but it ain’t yo daddy’s sports show, Pod of Thrones reviews and makes predictions about all things Game of Thrones, and the Hip Hop Pod called Topshelf Bangers Radio.

16:  Single Simulcast:  Black podcast about social issues, current events, & life from the Black perspective.

17.  The Black Authority (TBA):  YouTube channel discussing issues that are specifically directed towards Black society.

These are just some of the Black podcasts I listen to whenever I get the chance to.  I suggest you check them out as well.

More Black Podcast Shows You Should Check Out

S. Anthony Says Podcast:  Comedian. Work in Perpetual Progress.

Chonilla Podcast:  Chonilla (Part of The Chonilla Network) is a personal comedy no-holds-barred journal, hosted and presented by a fun at times real opinionated interracial coupl aka CHO & NILLA Where they talk about life and everything else in between.

Operational Cubicle:  If you have geeky tendencies that you can’t fully express at work, this podcast is for you!  Agent Jackson, JP Fairfield, and B. Cole rant about job experiences and celebrate their geeky selves.

Cinema Bun:  Cinema Bun Podcast is a show where we discuss movie news, trailers, and give a review of a film of the week.  Give us a listen and satisfy your cinema sweet tooth.

Gaming and Then Some Podcast:  Black podcast were we discuss the game, tech and general nerd news.  Our goal is to inform you with the news of the week in an easily understandable way.

Whiskey, Wine and Moonshine:  Listen to ATL and DC’s Lady Buddha, Ms. Think Pretty Smart and Sojourner Verdad discuss everything from current events, relationships, education, politics and entertainment, all with a feminine twist!

Spawn On Me:  The premier video game podcast spotlighting people of color in the industry.

The Swirl World Podcast:  Podcast focuses on Black women involved in interracial and intercultural dating and marriage – also known as “Swirling.

The Dr3am Team:  Three of the greatest podcasters you know combine forces to talk pop culture.  Tell your friends:  The Dr3am Team is here!

FuseBox Radio Broadcast:  the syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast was founded in 1998 by DJ Fusion to be a media outlet that consistently exposes the absolute BEST of mainstream and independent Hip-Hop & Soul Music (and the Black Music genre in general) from all over the world along with bringing quality interviews, news, and commentary.

Hey You Know It:  In 60 minutes or less comedians Jacquetta Szathmari and Katie Kazimir tell it how it is or how it should be.  In addition to interviewing NYC entertainers, this sardonic pair offers a frank and unique perspective on current events and social abnormalities.

The Grand Shuckett Podcast:  Husband and Wife duo Anthony and Leanne review Movies, TV Shows, Video Games, Anime, Comics, and Books with a few friends.

In Deep Show:  Feel like something is missing from your day?  Need a good laugh?  A good cry?  Something to ping your brain?  Then the In Deep Show is your cure!  Come tune in for your entertainment, news, and discussions about random and sometimes controversial subjects!

This Week in Blackness:  TWiB Prime is a news magazine series hosted by This Week in Blackness founder Elon James White.  Featuring the latest in news, race, politics and pop-culture the award winning and critically acclaimed TWiB Prime bring real talk on all cylinders.

Why You Mad Son?:  We have come to begin a Revolution of the mind.  We speak out against injustice and expose the hypocrites wherever they exist.  We are the MadMen….join us.

Like I mentioned earlier, there are over 250,000 & counting podcasts in the world.  Out of that number, I have no clue as to how many are Black podcast shows or how many are regularly active, nor am I about to go & find out…but I suggest you start here.

If there is a Black podcast show that I failed to mention, please list the show’s name in the comments.  Also, go like the Black Podcasters United Facebook fan page which posts various Black Podcast show episodes.

Your favorite mulatto.


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