Seductive Mixtape Series #4: Any Time, Any Place….Anything

First, let me apologize for being a lil late on this one.  Second, let me give a shout out to all that have enjoyed the first three posts in the series.  Some have sent messages requesting certain songs to be discussed, and I appreciate the views and likes.

This edition in the series will look at two of my favorite slow jams by female artists.  Ladies, be sure to add this to your playlist for that special guy for that ummm…special occasion.  These songs are dripping with eroticism and sure to be good background music during a good night of lovemaking.

Song #1: Any Time, Any Place
Now a lot of today’s youngsters only know of Janet Jackson’s “Any Time, Any Place” as the song sampled for the Kendrick Lamar/Drake collabo, “Poetic Justice”.  I know it as one of the baddest songs by one of the baddest women…period.

This is one of those songs in which the remix is better than the original.  The original is mixtape worthy, but that whistling throughout the song bothered me.  R. Kelly blessed the already smooth groove with the same type of keyboarding that he made famous with hits such as “Bump and Grind”, etc.  The timeless classic is infused with a great bass line and supporting instrumentation that gives the original a more seductive sound which highlights the voyeuristic words of Janet.

The video is also hot as well!  It makes you wish that you were the lucky dude who got to grope on the beautiful and exotic Ms Jackson.  Real talk…I wouldn’t care who was around either if I ever…you hear me?….ever had the opportunity.

What do you think?

(This is not the original video!)

Song #2: Anything
Remember the hype song by SWV on the “Above the Rim” Soundtrack? (I ain’t talking about that version…though the soundtrack is the ish!!)  Or the Wu-Tang remix? (I ain’t talking about that one either.)  What about the futuristic, space sounding remix on their album? (Nope, not that one!)  (Side note:  I had the biggest crush on Lelee.)

This song has been remixed so many times that it is easy to lose count, but I’m about to put you on to the one that you may have forgotten (and should be on your next mixtape).  In the world of remixes, there was one version that is only about three minutes long and starts off with the lead singer, accompanied by a piano, telling you that there is NOTHING that she wouldn’t do for you.  Then the beginning climaxes and transitions to heavy bass and piano joining water dripping and finger snapping (I think a dude is moaning or some ish too).  The quiet storm hit is basically the chorus of the original song repeated over and over again with the lead singer enhancing what is being said.  Once the singing stops (and the dude keeps moaning), the ending fades out just as cool as it began.

Whew!!  Ladies, this is one you NEED to put on your playlist….so simple, yet so powerful!!  Back in the day, I used to have any girl who expressed an interest in me listen to it.  So…ummm…it was a favorite to put on a mixtape that I gave away.  I wanted them to hear the simplicity of the words and feel the sensuality that the music evoked. (Side note:  someone sang this version to me once, and your boy was weak….WEAK!)



Right before I tapped the publish button on this one, I remembered something.  Janet Jackson also has an excellent song titled, “Anything” from the “Velvet Rope” album.  Ladies, I highly recommend this one too!!

This one starts off with percussion and a thunderstorm before the music fully comes in.  Then….then…Janet is basically giving instructions.  Ladies, try this…learn the beginning of this song and look your man in the eyes as you say those words.  If he doesn’t attack you…. That chorus is dangerous too…you hear me?  There is a kinda call and answer thing going on with Janet and the background singers that is…boy.  Fellas, I can’t think of too many things sexier than a woman (especially Janet Jackson) saying the words, “I’ll satisfy you.”  Dawg!!!

Here you go!

Yessir!!  You’re Welcome.

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