Seductive Mixtape Series #3: Ludacris

Now when you think of seduction and mixtape, you probably don’t think about Ludacris.  He is one of the best lyricists around today in my opinion….hands down.  Any true fan of his music (I have all of his CDs…I think) may have noticed a trend amongst his albums.  On each one, he usually has one song in which he lays his verses around one of the top men in R&B singing the chorus and hooks.  Typically, those songs on each album end up being my favorites.

This session is going to highlight two of the top duets that is worthy of your next mixtape.  If you don’t already know them, you will after reading this.

Song #1: Woozy
First off, “Woozy” featuring R. Kelly is a bass heavy track with a nice accompanying piano.  Luda graces it with his funny, yet suggestive lyrics followed by quasi-rapping/singing chorus by the Pied Piper himself.  I think this is one of those “riding back from a nice restaurant to take her home, but you don’t want the night to end” songs.

I liked this song so much when it came out that I made part of it one of my ringtones….real talk.  From 4:24 to 4:32, that part would play whenever my phone would ring.  After playing loudly during an outing with some co-workers, I decided for something a lil more mild as a ringtone.  Anyway, check it out for yourself.

Song #2: Sex Room
From the bass drop at the beginning followed by the piano and organ, you already know that the time for games is over!  Luda hits us once again with some clever lyrics basically telling you what he is about to do right before Trey Songz sings the chorus along with the guitar and the bass line.

I think that this collabo with Trey Songz is the best one thus far.  The instrumentation is….off..da..chain!!  That organ…bruh!!  That guitar…pimp!!  This is one of those shit talking songs you play when you are about to put in some work…fa sho!  You play this one, you better be ready to back up the noise.  Ha!!

I like the chorus especially.  Trey tells you about the sex room with mirrors, cameras, and other ish.  That boy is even giving instructions….LOL!!  Yo, even the video was hot…(those ladies and that shower scene, son!!!!)

Enough to be said…the video is below.  A must for any mixtape most definitely.

Contagious (featuring Jamie Fox) – Off of the “Theater of the Mind” album, Jamie Foxx guest stars on the track with an old school feel.  The keyboards are hypnotic, Luda’s one-liners are funny and suggestive, and the drums are on point and jazzy.  Basically, it is not a bad addition to follow the two highlighted Ludacris tracks.

Legs Shakin’ (R. Kelly featuring Ludacris) – On this track, Ludacris returns the favor to R. Kelly for guest starring on his track “Woozy” (also another mixtape worthy track…in my opinion).  Ludacris even eludes to their previous duet in his verse toward the end. Honestly, “Legs Shakin'” is the only track that I like off of the “Black Panties” album.  I think Mr. Kelly was on some other ish on that album…really.  Anyway, the track of subject is perfect for some foreplay music.

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