Bigot Watch

I don’t really post as much to social media anymore.  I’m more of a lurker I guess you can say.  I just log in on occasion to peruse status updates to see what has everybody in a frenzy for the day based upon the latest news headlines.  Usually it’s the same ole BS that floods my timeline over & over but nothing tends to create more energy than seeing repeated headlines dealing with the latest exposure of white supremacy, as in the case with the Sigma Alpha Epsilon frat boys out at Oklahoma University.  So after a day of lurking & seeing nothing but headline after headline after headline in regards to the SAE frat boys, what stood out to me the most was how people appeared to shocked that something like that could actually happen.  Really?!  I’m thinking to myself, where’s the shock value?  These people have been doing this for years.  They just got caught this time.

In addition to me wondering why people are so shocked when they discover a new violation committed by white supremacists, what probably has me scratching my head even harder at times is witnessing the numerous Black people online who appear to be idly on standby ready to pounce as soon as the newest violation of white supremacy comes across the wire…which is the reason I posted this status update & the following reaction ensued:

Black folks love to be on bigot watch.  You know how the weatherman has storm watch…Black folks love to be on bigot/racist watch as if pointing out every single racial infraction is really going to change anything.  Complete waste of time.

So I initially posted that status update on Facebook, but then deleted it a few minutes later because I had planned on rewording it, but somebody on Facebook saw it & I’m assuming screen captured it, then the person proceeded to leave me the following message on my profile:

Hey Onyx, I’m on “bigot watch” tonight.  I’m also watching the Ferguson City Council meeting.  So, “bigot watch” is not a waste of time.  Structural change can come about when we demand accountability for each and EVERY racist infraction.

My very first response to this message was:  Black folks have been demanding accountability for over 50 years now…how’s that working?

So without me posting every response line by line, I’m just going to fast forward to the ending & summarize this discussion between this person & myself.

This person was apparently offended by me when I stated that calling out every racial infraction caused by white supremacists is a complete waste of time…it solves nothing.  Marching & singing songs every time a white supremacists does something against Black society is a waste of time…it solves nothing.  This person was truly offended when I called this person out for what he/she really is:  a person who prefers to march & sing & HONESTLY think that that is going to change Black society’s situation for the better.  The ONLY thing marching & singing does is create media attention, but after the media attention fades away, the protesters pack up their bags to return to their regularly scheduled lives…those problems STILL remain.  Black people have been marching & singing since forever now for damn near the same reasons & what has it changed?  Sure we have Civil Rights, but if you really want to break it down, all Civil Rights says is:  the dominant society has to legally tolerate you.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Civil Rights has yet to prevent a white supremacist from coming up in our communities and causing our people bodily harm or death.

Look, there is but only ONE way to challenge white supremacy & that is by Black economic empowerment…period.  Black people building businesses is the only way.  Black people building businesses that they own & operate with the explicit purpose of creating power, wealth, & influence is the only way to effectively combat white supremacy.  Black people using the money from these businesses that directly come from the support of their communities to financially back the campaigns & agendas of elected politicians who now have an actual tangible incentive to go to bat for Black society is the only way to combat white supremacy…period.

Marching, praying, & singing songs all day long…we’ve been doing that since my grandparents were in their 20s, yet here I am currently in my mid 30s and Black society is STILL marching, praying, & singing….for damn near THE SAME REASONS & what has really changed?

Somebody please explain to me why is this so complicated for Black society to figure out.

Your favorite mulatto.


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