Seductive Mixtape Series #2: Real and Raunchy

Thanks for tuning into volume 2 of the Seductive Mixtape Series.  Imma take a different spin on this one.  Instead of hitting you with a couple of smooth ballads to set the mood, I want you to check out two of my favorite songs that just tell you how it is….how a guy thinks sometimes when the mood hits.  You gonna like this….

Song One: “I Got That Feelin'” by DJ Quik

If you are close to my age, you know that DJ Quik’s “Quik is the Name” was your first parental advisory labeled tape (not a CD….a tape).  I can remember sneaking to play it when the parents weren’t around and laughing at lyrics that I really didn’t understand yet.

After getting past the first 28 seconds of talking on “I Got That Feelin'”, DJ Quik says what a lot of us wish that we could have said to someone at least once.  The music is smooth with a nice bass line and ladies singing in the background , and DJ Quik spits his game about what he how he would do if when the feeling hit him.

My favorite part of the entire track is as follows:

Because I grind it and get behind it,
And when my tape stops, I get up and rewind it.

Hahaha….this is NOT one of those tracks to play if you are being romantic…I’m just saying.  If she is not already down, this may turn her off….or…..would it?  Proceed at your own risk, bruh!  Check out the song below.

Song Two: “Straight F@#king” by The Transitions

The first one was a warmup, but this one right here….this one right here….maaannnnn…. Coming from the “Baby Boy” movie soundtrack, this song by the Transitions is as real as they come.  This group (don’t know any of their other songs. Do you??) takes a total old school song feel and laces it with nothing but raw and grown truth.

This is one of my all-time favorites.  Let me break it down to you…kinda summarize it for ya.  Check this.

You see, there is a time for romance and lovemaking.  Then there are the times that you just want to be in beast mode.  Ya feel me?  I mean just tearing up furniture, knocking the mattress off the bed, and waking up neighbors…stuff like that.  The fancy dinners and cuddling are cool sometimes, but sometimes it is just right (f-ing necessary) to play out your passions with such zeal and intensity that….that….whew!!!  Yeah, I think you know.

Warning – Do not have a couple of drinks, play this track, and dial your girl.  You might be inclined to say these lyrics to her.  I ain’t lying!!  Haha.  This is one of those “baby, I gots to have you now” songs.  The message is clear.  No misunderstanding of what is about to happen….at all.

Again, this is not the type of song you play on a first date or when in romance mode.  Play this when you want to celebrate your feelings with sweat and a straight up cardio workout.  Yep!!  Funny thing about it, you can tell that the lead singer is really feeling this song as he serenades the audience with such power and….ha…seriousness.  He really means that ish….really!

I highly recommend this one for your “let’s spice things up” mixtapes.  Hear it for yourself.

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