Seductive Mixtape Series #1: After 7

Dante D. Long

Do you remember making the perfect mixtape for the girl that you liked in school?  Do you remember keeping those record and pause buttons ready on your stereo waiting for the right song to come on the radio?  Do you remember that one mixtape you made to set the mood for a good night of passion or to play on that car ride for your first date with that girl/guy that you finally asked out?  I still have some of mine buried in boxes somewhere, and I pull them out every so often to reminisce.

Over time, mixtapes turned to CDs and the CDs turned to playlists on a iPod, but the premise remains the same.  We find songs that say what we wanna say or portray how we feel and put them together to become the soundtrack for a wonderful night or to serve as a reminder of past bliss.

This series of posts serve to remind us of the songs that we used to help make those memories like putting a smile on some young lady’s face during a candlelight dinner or the start of some foreplay right after dessert.  During each of these posts, I will highlight two songs that are guaranteed to move you and spur some flashbacks.

For this first one, I am choosing two songs from the soulful group, After 7.  Founded in 1987, the three men forming After 7 have been giving us smooth grooves for years.  If you were into making mixtapes back in the day, it is no doubt that you had one of their songs on at least one of them.

Song One:  “Ready or Not

This song off of After 7’s debut album was the third release and the group’s first #1 single.  From the first words, this moment making song tells the one you are with that you are for real.  Check it out….

I’ll give you the sun, the rain, the moon, the stars and the mountains,
I’ll give you the world and all that you wish for,
And even more girl, I love you more than you could know,
And that’s for sure

If you are trying to make a statement about how you feel, that verse right there is powerful.  Definitely not something you play for your side chick or someone who you are not deeply into.  This is one of those songs that you play for your girl as you serve her the dinner that you prepared in your kitchen.  This is one of those songs you play right after you light the candles.  You feel me?  I think you do.

The rest of the song backs up the beginning testifying of deep, genuine feelings for that someone special.  Check out the chorus below…

Ready or not,
I’ll give you everything and more,
All that I’ve got,
I’ll give you everything,
All that you’re looking for

Yessir!!  “Ready or Not” is definitely a good beginning to any mixtape.  The suave lyrics are relaxing and a promise to a great evening.

Check out the sexy video:

Song Two:  “Gonna Love You Right” (Acapella)

Just like the aforementioned song, the original version of “Gonna Love You Right” is one of those songs that woos and soothes.  It was a hit on one of After 7’s albums and also one of the hot tracks on the Sugar Hill movie soundtrack.  Though it would be an outstanding addition to your sensual mixtape, you have to hear the acapella remix that is on The Very Best of After 7.  That CD alone could be the soundtrack for a steamy night, but the acapella remix of the song of subject…..boy….ummm….damn…. You wanna talk about foreplay music?  I would put this as one of my top five….real talk.

Regardless of what part of the song you listen to…the bass with the “doo doo doo doooo” or the background singers harmonizing and complimenting the lead singers…., this song is guaranteed to let her know that IT IS ON!!  No background music needed…just melodic crooning to set things in motion.

Playa, imagine playing this track as you look the lucky young lady in the eyes as you swallow the last bit of wine before leading her to the bedroom.  Aight, aight…that might be something I do, but you get what I am saying.  This song is super sexy, intimately inviting, and massage ready!!  Sooo….ummm….grab your baby oil, get your silk boxers ready, and play this one loud.  Trust me.

Check out the video for the acapella version:

So, there it is.  What do you think?  I would love to hear your thoughts on these two recommendations for your next slow jam mixtape.

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