Being Fat

This should be fun.  I recently read an article about obesity in America and how we as a culture have come to accept it as a norm for people to be fat.  Well I’m here to tell you it is not OK.  I’m not saying you are a bad person.  You may be the most caring person in the world.  You just happen to look like Jabba the fucking hut.  Americans do everything big.  Meal portions are dealt out in sizes XL, XXL, and I plan on having a triple heart bypass tomorrow.  Now, I am guilty of eating to such excess on occasion as are most people.  But lets talk about something real. Healthcare.  Obesity in America significantly affects the costs of healthcare.  Why?  Because Nearly 61% of healthcare costs in America are related to conditions caused by obesity.  So, back to my rant.  If you are fat… are gross.  That is my opinion.  There are exceptions to this.  If you are over 55 and happen to be 20-30 pounds overweight….so be it.  You have lived your life and probably give two shits about my opinion.  If you have a LEGITIMATE thyroid issue…I get it.  It’s medical.  If you are a little fluffy, that is different.  If your problem is an addiction to Little Debbie and Dr. Pepper….fuck you.  You are a disgusting shit head.  I have been told I should be ashamed of my unwillingness to accept someone else for their fatassness, guess what, I give exactly ZERO fucks.  It is gross.  If you ride an electric wheel chair in Wal-Mart because your ankles and knees can’t handle the weight of your 16 folds of excess fat you should consider starving yourself for a while.  You can probably last a hot minute.  It is not OK or healthy to be 30 or more pounds over weight.  Some of you are going to think, “oh, this guy thinks he is better than everyone.”  Wrong, I know I have an inner fat kid that LOVES shitty chocolate covered cherries, german chocolate cake, and cheeseburgers.  But the difference is, I understand how this affects me and how my health suffers.  I drink, I smoke cigars, I eat gross shit every now and then.  The thing that sets me and millions of Americans apart is that we do things to balance it out.  For instance….wait for it….EXERCISE!  What a fucking concept. Instead of waiting for 37 minutes to get that primo parking spot at Golden Corral, save time and park in the back 40.  I know of a woman who lost 30 pounds in one year merely by parking as far away from her destination as possible.  She never changed her diet.  Amazing what a little distance can do.  Either way, it is not OK to be obese.  There is a difference between curvy and lumpy.  Just because you can fit in those jeggings does not mean you are any less fat.  I am not being hateful towards fat people, I am just keeping it real.  If you are OK with it, so be it.  But do not try to tell me it is OK.  Medical science has already proven that it is not.

Just a guy with some years on him that calls it like I see it. My opinions my be offensive to some and funny to others. My goal is not to offend but to create asymmetric thought. So, if you're offended...oh well. Maybe you deserved it.


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