The Only Thing Iggy Azalea Is Missing Is Some Blackface Paint

The Only Thing Iggy Azalea Is Missing Is Some Blackface Paint

I honestly could give a damn about what type of music Iggy Azalea is creating.  What I do care about is the cultural appropriation aspect & how it’s being splashed across the mainstream media (TV, radio, print, internet, etc) as the default for what hip hop & rap music have currently evolved into….or should I say devolved.  With that said, Iggy Azalea is the current standard for how to whitewash a culture.  But then again, can we really blame her?

White girl booty…check!  Hip hop clothing…check!  Mixtape…check!  Cosign from a major Black hip hop artist…check!  Cosign from damn near every media entity from TV to print…check!  Major music awards…check!  Blaccent…check!  Anything missing?  Some blackface makeup…we’ll hold off on that for now….check!

Call me an Iggy hater, I really don’t give a fuck.  But what I do know is, if those within the industry are not careful they’re going to wake up in about 10-20 years and see a culture started BY US & predominately created FOR US is not going to look remotely familiar.  The hip hop culture is going to become so whitewashed that hip hop artists of the future might actually choose to adorn blackface paint to either serve as a reminder of who once created the art or to serve as a reminder of whom the art was stripped away from.  Either way, with pictures like the one posted below circulating the web convincing a brand new generation of hip hop fans that these people are the kings & queens (regardless of if they have any real time in the game) or articles stating how Iggy has “changed hip hop”…it’s only a matter of time.  Remember who originally started rock ‘n roll & who eventually became the king of rock?  Of course you don’t…look it up.  Shit, just go to iTunes RIGHT NOW & see who they have listed as the best Jazz musicians.  But I digress.

Real talk, Iggy has done everything possible to become a part of the hip hop culture except for simply being herself.  So I say, why not slap on some blackface makeup to compliment the blaccent?  Being that hip hop doesn’t have any standards whatsoever presently, I’m sure no one would really give a damn as long as you got the King of the South in your corner….shout out to the Kang…

“2 black eyes….where dey at doe?”


side note:  header image is a pic from a group called Die Antwood…some group in South Africa I believe that’s already taking the lead with the “hip hop” blackface.

Your favorite mulatto.


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