A friend of mines hit me up the other day wanting advice from me pertaining as to which direction should he move with his life.  He’s basically at a crossroads right now between going down path A of the traditional 9-5 or pursuing path B of breaking out on his own to start his own business.  First off, I was flattered (and shocked) that he chose me out of all the people he knows to seek such advice from.  Secondly, I told him a simple piece of advice that was given to me years back & I’ve been applying it (for the most part) ever since….make a decision & run with it.

 New Year’s Resolutions

We’ve arrived at the time of the year where everybody is gearing up to enter 2015 with the “new year, new me” attitude.  The problem with the “new year, new me” attitude is that there is rarely a realistic plan with a realistic goal followed by a realistic deadline of accomplishment for said plan & goal.  People are more fascinated with the temporary high that comes with the rollover from one year to the next because the high is nothing more than a mere fantasy….sort of like buying a lottery ticket & thinking about how life would be if you win, only to rediscover reality after the numbers are drawn & yours do not match up.  But the high can be extremely addictive nonetheless.  Once the high has worn off & the dawn of the new year comes to fruition, now comes the real work…time to make a decision & this is where most people begin their next year of maintaining the same ole same ole or nose diving into failure.

Fear is one helluva roadblock to get around.  No matter who you are, everybody has some sort of fear.  One of the biggest fears most people face is the fear of breaking out of the norm to explore the unknown & this is what usually keeps people from discovering their ultimate potential.  Fear will literally paralyze people in their tracks.  But unless one learns to embrace fear with a strong backing of knowledge, then fear will forever keep you where you are at or drag you down even further in life.

So now it’s time to make a decision.  If you are not happy with your life & you honestly feel you can do better, then it’s time to make a decision & embrace the fear.  It’s time to put pen to paper, create a plan for your life, & start taking baby steps of progression towards your goals.  When December 31, 2015 rolls around, what is the conversation going to be for you?  Are you going to hit the repeat button or will you be celebrating the accomplishments of your 2015 goals while looking forward to accomplishing more in the year 2016?  If the latter, well…it’s time to make a decision.

Happy New Year!

Your favorite mulatto.

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