Onyx Truth Top 10 For 2014

Onyx Truth Top 10 For 2014

First, let me start off by saying thank you to all of the supporters of the Onyx Truth.  Although the site is just over 1 year old, the support we’ve gained throughout 2014 has been amazing & as the year 2015 rolls in, we only expect that support to continually grow as we keep creating great content for you all.  Thank you!

Regardless of if you have been rocking with the Onyx Truth since day 1 or you have just discovered the site today, either way, just know that we appreciate you all.  Over the last year we’ve pumped out non-stop content relentlessly & unapologetically.  Everything from written material, to podcasts, to live internet broadcasts…we’ve been consistently flooding the interwebs in such a manner as to where we provide an alternative to the mainstream narrative in discussing the issues that directly impact our community & our culture.

With that being said, below are the Onyx Truth Top 10 articles for 2014 as decided by you…the Onyx Truth family.  In case you’ve missed out on some great content, now is your chance to get familiar with what everybody was the most excited about on the Onyx Truth in 2014.  Enjoy!

Onyx Truth Top 10 List

10.  Light Skin vs. Dark Skin Debate  —  Onyx Truth

 9.  Paranoid Conspiracy Theorists Will Ruin Your Life  —  Johnny Silvercloud

 8.  Small Town Hating Is Beyond Real  —  Onyx Truth

 7.  The Future Of Hip Hop?  —  Onyx Truth

 6.  Dusty Chick Lifestyle  —  Onyx Truth

 5.  King Keraun’s 15 Seconds of Fame  —  Onyx Truth

 4.  Is 2014 The Year Of The Side Chick?  —  Onyx Truth

 3.  They Lyrics Behind The Ice Cream Song  —  Onyx Truth


2.  America’s Great Lawn — A Louisville Story  —  Tim D.

 1.  Ghetto Names  —  Onyx Truth

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