What Y’all Knee Grows Mad For?

What Y’all Knee Grows Mad For?

As far as I’m concerned, there are presently only 2 people currently winning in hip hop this week:  J. Cole & Iggy Azalea.  J. Cole is winning because his latest album 2014 Forest Hills Drive went on to sell more than 360,000 units in its first week, a feat that is becoming more challenging by the day for recording artists of any genre.  And Iggy Azalea is winning simply because the hip hop community cannot keep her name of their mouths.   Earlier this week Q-Tip took it upon himself to give Iggy a history lesson in hip hop via twitter while another up & coming rapper (I guess it’s fair to say that…who knows) by the name of Azealia Banks literally broke down in tears discussing the presence of Igloo Australia aka Iggy Azalea…

So here is my question:  Why are you knee grows angry at her?

First, I clearly understand the cultural appropriation aspect as to why the hip hop community and Black society have an issue with Iggy Azalea, but let’s not act like we haven’t been down this road before…does the name Vanilla Ice ring a bell?  This is not a brand new issue.  Where the confusion on this issue in regards to the anger geared towards Iggy Azalea begins for me is right here:  the hip hop community (mainly Black artists) appear to be pissed because a white girl from “down under” has decided to make money from putting out wack ass music…as if these mainstream Black hip hop artists are putting out great music.  Fuck outta here with the bullshit.

Let’s just keep it strictly 100…hip hop has absolutely NO standards whatsoever.  So Black people cannot get mad because white people want to get paid for making wack ignorant shit too.  Hip hop has devolved into a dumping ground for music.  There are no standards.  Anybody with a microphone setup in a bedroom closet, access to Pro Tools, and an upload button can enter the game…seriously, it is that easy.  Azealia Banks even described how she got on in the above video by spamming the hell out of people with links until someone listened.  There are no rules for how to enter the game so why should there be rules for how the game is played?  The only objective with hip hop these days is to make money and even THAT is an illusion.  For the most part, long gone are the days when hip hop actually stood for something or served as a platform for the oppressed & voiceless.  Now it’s all about who can create the most elaborate drug kingpin story or who is shaking their big hydrogel ass the best.  Even within just those two main narratives of hip hop, one does not even need any lyrical skills.  All you need is a catchy beat, a catchy hook, a shucking & jiving coon 2-step dance move..and you will become the next Hot Nigga.  Shit, you don’t even have make music as to where people can actually comprehend the words coming out of your mouth and that shit will sell.

So what the fuck are you knee grows mad for?

Those of you who are heavily invested in hip hop created this shit.  You all kicked the doors wide the fuck open right around the start of the new millennium and now we are watching the seeds you all have sowed come to fruition.  Fans stopped financially supporting real artists with real talent by not purchasing their music and instead went the bootlegging route.  Social media basically allowed anyone with the ability to smoke a blunt & hit the record button to develop a presence.  The record companies decided to chase profits off of the artists by basically going on scavenger hunts in every hood in America looking for the next “hot nigga” with the next hot single to run with untill the next “hot nigga” with a hot single popped up a day or two later.  So with all this chaos, confusion, & lack of standards it should not come as a surprise to anyone that Iggy Azalea is currently “winning”.  We have allowed this to happen, all of us.  I mean, shit…we let Trinidad James enter the biz with his musty homeless looking ass, so why not let a white chick from Australia with a booty get in?  What’s the harm?  It’s not like the vast majority of you knee grows in the industry are rapping about shit of substance.  It’s not like you knee grows listening to & supporting the shit currently being pumped out even care about substance to begin with.  Let’s not pretend like fans of hip hop really give two fucks about the state of hip hop, because the vast majority of you muthafuckas don’t.  The ones that do care, well, their voices continue to get drowned out every time the beat from Fancy or Hot Nigga comes on.

Seriously, if I come over your house and see trash literally thrown all over the place, then how in the fuck are you going to get mad at me for dropping my trash in your filthy ass house?

So until hip hop decides to clean house & develop some real standards, all this bitching about Igloo Australia really sounds like nothing more than jealousy & hate because a white chick is currently working the hip hop trash system better than you are.

Your favorite mulatto.

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