Ferguson From A Different Perspective

So, I am going to put my two cents in on the Ferguson, Missouri situation.  I know I will upset some of you, and that is fine.  That is one of the many joys of being American, I can say what I want and so can you.  On that note, here we go.

Let me begin with this, my deepest sympathy to the family of Michael Brown.  It is tragic that you lost a loved one, regardless of circumstance.  I do not feel that anyone should have to suffer through that.

Next, most of the Brown family has acted in a very humbling and honorable way considering the outside pressure being applied to them.  They have asked that people not lash out and make their son’s death meaningless.  Michael’s step-father, however has not done this.  Now, do not take this as me being harsh.  I can completely understand anger and sadness when losing someone you care about.  But when you are caught on camera, screaming “burn this motherfucker down”, you have now crossed a line.  You are inciting a civil disturbance and should anyone follow your instructions/demands, you are now an accessory to a crime and should be punished.  I am fully for protests. It has led to the many significant changes in the past.  Feel free to use this method.  I serve in the military to protect your right to do so.  I encourage you to do so if that is what you feel will help your cause.  HOWEVER, I do not agree with you acting like heathen thugs in the process.  The moment you begin looting and disrupting an entire community you become a criminal.  You have now added weight to stereotypes and discrimination and enabled a cycle of ignorance to continue.  To those caught on camera breaking into the store Michael was recorded in prior to his death, I pray you are all arrested and punished to the full extent of the law.  Our society has no room for your ignorance or lack of concern for your fellow man.  You are all fools.  You have created an obstacle in the path of equality that many have fought and died for in the path.  I am sure Dr. King would approve.  Additionally, I think Al Sharpton needs to keep his nose out of this since he tends to incite more social drama then is necessary.  Now, before anyone thinks I am being an one sided bigot, let me clear the air.

The justice system in America is flawed.  In my opinion, I think this case should have gone to trial.  Not to see a person get punished necessarily, but to see that justice is pursued to the fullest extent.  If Officer Wilson is guilty so be it, if not, so be it.  I can imagine there were many other scenarios that could have played out, but I, nor you, were there to make that judgement call.  In the words of many men, do not judge decisions made under fire from an armchair.  You have to ask yourself what would you have done.  Knowing that there were were many tools at his disposal, or should have been, I would have resorted to non-lethal means before ever drawing my weapon.  But again, I was not there.

There is a major issue in America concerning police violence.  I have seen it.  The little nerd from high school now has power and wants to flex his dick.  Got it.  Those are the bad ones.  I recently viewed a post on FaceBook from a black police officer that was not on the side of Michael Brown and the comments left included calling him an “Uncle Tom” and an “ol’ hoe ass nigga”.  Seriously?  When a white man says he doesn’t agree with the violence in Ferguson, he is called a “nigger hatin cracka”.  So what is the right answer?  Many people have voiced their concern for the impact of the violence not just in Ferguson, but across the nation and NO ONE seems to give a shit.  But as soon as a black kid is pulled over for questionable behavior, it is profiling.  Profiling is another word for stereotyping.  Stereotyping is usually based on some sort of known fact.  Anyone else picking up what I am putting down?  If you behave in a way that is known to attract police attention, you get what you deserve.  If you act aggressively towards someone who is trained to react in a specific way towards it….guess what, you should expect things to go south quickly.  In this situation, I think it went a little far, but lets be real here people.

Now, before I get called a racist, bigot, or whatever some of you may feel the need to say, I am only wanting people to view it from a different perspective.  I do not agree with the decision not to try the case, I do not agree with Michael Brown’s behavior, I do nor agree with the violence that ensued.  I want justice to be served in an unbiased manner.  I love this country and this type of situation is horrible.  Let’s try to be reasonable and act like adults and not cavemen.

Just a guy with some years on him that calls it like I see it. My opinions my be offensive to some and funny to others. My goal is not to offend but to create asymmetric thought. So, if you're offended...oh well. Maybe you deserved it.
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