White Privilege and Cop Privilege Combined

Onyx Contributor:  Johnny Silvercloud (@JohnnySilverclo)

I’ve stated before that we don’t know enough about Darren Wilson.  I’ve consistently pointed out the error of how we know so much about Michael Brown (as we ALWAYS know more about black victims of modern lynchings) while knowing nothing about Darren Wilson.  Anyone who fails to understand the persistent, clockwork execration of black dead is under denial.

After calling a mysterious unmarked SUV instead of emergency medical personnel — as all police are known to do — Darren Wilson’s whole self seemed to disappear off the face of the earth.  Darren Wilson operated in all essence a total blackout in regards to not having an online or physical presence ever since August.  This whole invisibility cloak given to him allowed numerous right wing persons to invent their own narrative, to include a fake picture of a man who suffered injuries from a vehicular accident.

After the non-indictment of Darren Wilson… Darren Wilson’s facial photo taken during the medical exam is a face that shocked the world.  There’s no real injury to Darren Wilson.  At all.  When it comes to injuries, his face has a relatively healthy redness you’d expect coming with being a white person in the summertime.  In a sadly comical standpoint, he looks like Charlie Brown.

Darren Wilson, looks like any random white guy.  His features are a tad bit doughy and undisciplined but fit enough for street police service nonetheless.  When you look at this photograph you will see a white man with a blond receding hairline, ice blue eyes which are not exactly soulless, but they are eyes of no remorse.  He looks like the type of guy who was bullied when he was a kid in school, and uses a gun and a badge to inflict white rage onto the populace modern day.  This is a guy who really don’t give a fuck.  Who never gave a fuck.

White Privilege, like male privilege, is a concept that has been thoroughly explored.  A huge part of white privilege is white defaultness, where YOU don’t have to learn about other cultures or peoples, but they all have to learn about you.  This also include how white biases towards nonwhites will be the main narrative of a nation.  Cop privilege is the social near-invulnerability a cop has in regards to engaging in ambiguous killings.  Cop privilege is the advantage a cop has due to having more resources to cover his tracks when he commits crime.  These resources include but are not limited to the following:

  • Knowing your police captain will always place you in higher priority than the public you swore to protect.
  • Knowing your word will infinitely be held in higher credibility than a public civilian no matter how much you lie.
  • Prosecution bias in favor of police officers.
  • The “I had reason to fear for my life” defense that no one ever engages with critical thinking.
  • The “he went for my gun” claim that doesn’t have to be proven, we just brainlessly take your word for it.  Always.
  • The ability to say you “saw a gun” when there never was a gun present.
  • Having the keys to your own evidence cage.
  • Prosecutors in your case becomes a member of your defense team.
  • To be able to make evidence disappear, or simply appear, depending on who is facing indictment.
  • Being able to build your response to evidence against because… your bosses and peers will keep you informed.
  • Cop does something wrong?  No video released.  Public does wrong?  Release the video soon as possible.
  • No one polices the police.
  • The resources to “go dark” and be without an online or physical presence so the public doesn’t see how jacked up you are.

The list goes on.

White Privilege + Cop Privilege = Total Disaster

When you combine the fact that a person does not have to learn or be cognizant of person’s fears, concerns, historical contexts and perceptions with the ability to kill with impunity, you get a total catastrophe.  Thus, Darren Wilson’s face on this photograph becomes the face of white privilege and cop privilege combined.  This photograph, after all the demonization of an unarmed male, after the court case and suspense… is a slap in the face to the Justice System and what America calls herself standing for.  The National Bar Association condemns the non-indictment of Darren Wilson.  Even dictators of tremendously oppressive regimes sees this as a black eye on America, inflicted based on her own biases and racism problems.  Kim Jung Un is pointing and laughing at us right now, and sadly, he has a point.  The Geneva Convention and the United Nations condemns our American police conduct.

Darren Wilson’s face in this photo might just be the photograph that sparks a modern Civil Rights Movement.  With looking at the numerous protests throughout the nation currently, I just might be right in my assessment.

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