I Don’t Agree With The Looting, But I Understand The Frustration

I Don’t Agree With The Looting, But I Understand The Frustration

Social media really showed its ass in the last two days in regards to the Ferguson grand jury’s decision to not indict Officer Darren Wilson.  My social media timelines were on fire with everyone expressing their opinions in regards to whom they support.  It was so chaotic, people were sending me emails to express their sentiments as if I was somehow promoted to “the voice of people”.  While I did appreciate reading some of these emails & reading all of the status updates about the decision in Ferguson, my primary attention was solely focused on paying attention to how many people decided to shift the narrative from Officer Darren Wilson NOT being indicted to strictly focusing in on the rioting & looting that ensued.  Naturally we all shifted our attention to the rioting & looting but what really peaked my interest was in watching how many people showed their true feelings that night in regards to Black people.

I shared the below status update on social media, but I don’t at the time I posted it it was fully appreciated or even seen by the masses.  So I’m going to share it here in hopes that more people will read it because we can sit around & discuss all day long as to whether it is right or wrong to loot businesses, destroy property in & around one’s own neighborhood, or sit around & say things like “This is why nobody takes us seriously.”  Well, from my perspective, the dominant society has not been taking Black society seriously for nearly 400 years now.  Truthfully, WE within Black society do not even take ourselves seriously because WE ultimately allowed Officer Darren Wilson to come into our neighborhood & kill one of our children.  WE DID THAT!  WE are the ones who refuse to learn how to properly play the game that every other culture has figured out & mastered.  WE are the only culture that continues to live in a state of delusion by thinking that other cultures are really supposed to give a damn about us.  NOBODY GIVES A SHIT ABOUT US PERIOD.   WE are the only culture who honestly thinks the dominant society is concerned about us boycotting.  The dominant society already knows that Black society can only boycott for but so long because Black society doesn’t own shit to provide for longterm alternatives.  So, WE can keep fooling ourselves into thinking that boycotting Black Friday is really about to change the game, but until WE look around & thoroughly examine the landscape to discover that WE do not own & operate enough businesses at the present moment to sustain a true boycott that COULD cause a shift in the economy…then once the emotions die down, WE shall return to our “proper” place until WE actually figure this shit out.  Right now, the dominant society is looking at us like some toddlers throwing a tantrum.  After knocking shit around & crying for a few hours, most toddlers return to their normal routine to look for mommy & daddy to take care of them.  For the last 2 days, WE have been running around in toddler mode fueled purely off of emotions because WE failed to change the game decades ago.

But for those of you who are more concerned about these so-called “animals” destroying their own property (truth is very little of that property is actually OWNED by Black people) instead of keeping your focus on the crux of the problem which prompted these rioters to show out, feel free to read my FB status I posted 2 nights ago:


1.  Kimani Gray, NYC — March 9, 2013

2.  Kendrec McDade, Pasadena CA — March 2012

3.  Timothy Russell, Cleveland OH — December 2012

4.  Ervin Jefferson, Atlanta GA — March 24, 2012

5.  Amadou Diallo, NYC — 1999

6.  Patrick Dorismond — 2000

7.  Ousmane Zongo, NYC — 2003

8.  Timothy Stansbury Jr., NYC — 2004

9.  Sean Bell, NYC — 2006

10.  Orlando Barlow, Las Vegas NV — 2003

11.  Aaron Campbell, Portland OR — 2005

12.  Victor Steen, Pensacola FL — 2009

13.  Steven Eugene Washington, Los Angeles CA — 2010

14.  Alonzo Ashley, Denver CO — 2011

15.  Wendell Allen, New Orleans LA — 2012

16.  Ronald Madison & James Brissette, New Orleans LA — 2005

17.  Travares McGill, Sanford FL — 2005

18.  Ramarley Graham, NYC — 2012

19.  Oscar Grant, Oakland CA — 2009

20.  Trayvon Martin, Sanford FL — 2012

*Eric Garner, NYC — 2014 choked to death ON TAPE

*Jordan Davis, Jacksonville FL — 2012 at least his killer was convicted & sentenced BUT NOT FOR ACTUALLY KILLING Jordan Davis, but for 3 counts of 2nd degree ATTEMPTED murder…NOT THE ACTUAL MURDER OF JORDAN DAVIS.

*Rodney King, Los Angeles CA — 1992 we all remembered what happened there correct?

This list can go on & on, but I thought I would just compile a list of names over the last 20 years or so.

So, some of you out there want to pretend that there isn’t a problem.  Some of you out there want to pretend that you do not understand the frustrations of Black society.

Finally, some of you want to say, “WHAT ABOUT BLACK ON BLACK CRIME?” or “BLACK WHITE CRIME?” Last time I checked, when Black people kill other people, more than likely that Black person goes to jail regardless of the race of the person killed.

So if you want to really sit here & ask these dumb ass questions as to why Black society is angry, feel free to google each & every name on the above list.  Lastly, for those of you more excited about putting a bandaid on the problem instead of looking to develop a cure, you can go fuck yourself too.  There is only 1 cure that can either fix this shit or minimize the chances of it happening in the future & that is BLACK FINANCIAL EMPOWERMENT.  WE need to build, own, & control our own entities that CAN truly provide alternatives to what the dominant society has in place.  Until that happens, we shall continue to leave ourselves wide open to future abuses along with the rest of the country continually looking at us like a bunch of “wild animals”.  If you do not own & control things, you are subject to the will of those around you that DO own & control things.

Your favorite mulatto.
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