Don’t Lose Sight

Onyx Contributor:  B. Sallis

I am disgusted by the lack of empathy and ignorance coming from people.  I am Latina, and the sad part is there are an overwhelming amount of Latinos dehumanizing people and their suffering.

That’s sad.

I understand the frustration that people should also march and protest against gang violence and for immigration rights, and that should have just as much media coverage, but this is a time we should stand in solidarity.  What are the cops doing about stopping gang violence?  And why shouldn’t we all be against police impunity?

So many of my fellow Latinos are sharing this sense of desensitization, making statements like, “get over it,” as if it’s supposed to be something we need to get used to.  Many people are blaming each other for violence and murders not looking at the root of the problem.  We should be getting mad for the lack of quality education in our neighborhoods, the lack of quality stores that would provide employment, etc…We need to stand together in solidarity.  All of us.

Do not become desensitized.

Do not lose sight of the root of the problem.

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