Black Feminism vs The Black Struggle

Black Feminism vs The Black Struggle

Here’s why a lot of Black men “appear” to have an issue with Black Feminism…

Black men who are awake & in tune to the issues of today that directly affect Black Americans fully understand that there is a system which has been in place for damn near 400 years that has been purposely designed to oppress ALL BLACK PEOPLE.  This system is called White supremacy.  The tactics have changed over time, but the desired end results are still the same.  This system has not, is not, & shall not discriminate or segregate Black people based upon gender.  This system will manipulate the actions of men & women within the Black culture ONLY to further advance the White supremacists’ agenda.  This system could honestly give 2 fuxxs about the internal issues Black people may be dealing with, even though in reality, a lot of these internal issues are direct side effects stemming from 400 years of White supremacy.

When it comes to Black feminism, the problem most intelligent Black men have with this movement is the constant campaign of “throwing brothas under the bus”.  You cannot attempt to throw every Black man under the bus because you may have had a few bad encounters with a few Black men.  All Black men do not fit the worldview that most of you Black feminists attempt to paint.  I do not know of any intelligent Black men who will stand by & not show genuine support of a Black woman that is looking for genuine support.  I do not know of any intelligent Black men who will write off LEGIT issues Black women bring to the table that they feel need to be addressed.  I for one will show my support to ANY Black woman that wants my support but I will not participate in throwing brothas under the bus all because some of you choose to take small isolated incidents & use them as a template to construct a false worldview of ALL Black men.

Further, while I do acknowledge legit issues Black feminists bring up in regards to equal treatment of Black women, I will not minimize the struggle of ALL BLACK PEOPLE for the sake of appeasing you, the Black woman.  Because the last time I checked, you & I are both Black….hence the use of your adjective BLACK feminist.  So whatever treatment I as a Black male am capable of being handed by society, YOU TOO are fully capable of being handed the exact same treatment.  If we can’t come together as an intelligent & united group of people who understand that the NUMBER ONE issue that affects ALL BLACK PEOPLE is White supremacy, then how do you honestly expect gender specific issues directly related to Black women to stand a chance in being overcome?  You want to throw brothas under the bus but choose to act as if there is not a system in place that is throwing us ALL under the bus…where they do that at?

You want my support…stop shitting on all Black men as if we don’t care about our women because some random knee grow did you wrong.

Your favorite mulatto.
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