Black Feminism vs The Black Struggle

Black Feminism vs The Black Struggle

Here’s why a lot of Black men “appear” to have an issue with Black Feminism…

Black men who are awake & in tune to the issues of today that directly affect Black Americans fully understand that there is a system which has been in place for damn near 400 years that has been purposely designed to oppress ALL BLACK PEOPLE.  This system is called White supremacy.  The tactics have changed over time, but the desired end results are still the same.  This system has not, is not, & shall not discriminate or segregate Black people based upon gender.  This system will manipulate the actions of men & women within the Black culture ONLY to further advance the White supremacists’ agenda.  This system could honestly give 2 fuxxs about the internal issues Black people may be dealing with, even though in reality, a lot of these internal issues are direct side effects stemming from 400 years of White supremacy.

When it comes to Black feminism, the problem most intelligent Black men have with this movement is the constant campaign of “throwing brothas under the bus”.  You cannot attempt to throw every Black man under the bus because you may have had a few bad encounters with a few Black men.  All Black men do not fit the worldview that most of you Black feminists attempt to paint.  I do not know of any intelligent Black men who will stand by & not show genuine support of a Black woman that is looking for genuine support.  I do not know of any intelligent Black men who will write off LEGIT issues Black women bring to the table that they feel need to be addressed.  I for one will show my support to ANY Black woman that wants my support but I will not participate in throwing brothas under the bus all because some of you choose to take small isolated incidents & use them as a template to construct a false worldview of ALL Black men.

Further, while I do acknowledge legit issues Black feminists bring up in regards to equal treatment of Black women, I will not minimize the struggle of ALL BLACK PEOPLE for the sake of appeasing you, the Black woman.  Because the last time I checked, you & I are both Black….hence the use of your adjective BLACK feminist.  So whatever treatment I as a Black male am capable of being handed by society, YOU TOO are fully capable of being handed the exact same treatment.  If we can’t come together as an intelligent & united group of people who understand that the NUMBER ONE issue that affects ALL BLACK PEOPLE is White supremacy, then how do you honestly expect gender specific issues directly related to Black women to stand a chance in being overcome?  You want to throw brothas under the bus but choose to act as if there is not a system in place that is throwing us ALL under the bus…where they do that at?

You want my support…stop shitting on all Black men as if we don’t care about our women because some random knee grow did you wrong.

Your favorite mulatto.


  1. Nora

    February 21, 2015 at 10:44 pm

    This is bullshit. The “black struggle” doesn’t address anti-black misogyny or check black men who “throw black women under the bus”

    • Gil Laury

      February 22, 2015 at 9:44 pm

      The “black struggle” primary addresses issues that affect ALL WITHIN the black society…too include black women.

      As far as “anti-black misogyny” or black men “throwing women under the bus”, you speak as if these issues are just completely running rampant throughout the black community. To that I ask you to provide proof. A few here & there does not county as being a severe problem. So provide proof.

      Cops profiling, beating up, or injustly killing black people not only happens to black men, but to black women also. Black people getting longer jail sentences for the exact same crimes white people commit is not strictly limited to black men, it affects black women too. Constantly be viewed as as racist stereotype is not strictly reserved for black men, it affects black women too.

      You have a legit concern, but please do not attempt to elevate that concern to the level of what ALL black people have to endure. But if you believe the problem is as rampant as you are leading me to believe….provide proof.

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  3. Caroline Bryan

    June 10, 2015 at 3:41 pm

    I find this article hypocritical. One minute you’re saying you will support all black women in any oppression they may face, BUT if it involves throwing a black brotha under the bus…. F*ck that. You said it. We are all black people who deal with the same black struggle, but then there is sexism. It exists, and you sound like a racist trying to prove to me racism is all in my head. If you check yourself, check your privilege as a MALE, you’ll understand that even though you are black, you do not know the struggle it is to be a black WOMAN. Women are treated as emotional, crazy, inferior… The list goes on. Add in black skin… Ugly, the bottom of the human race, even our own race won’t admit our oppression. Whatever, you do you. I feel strong, beautiful, and I won’t let anyone stand in the way of my rights, white or black.

    • Onyx Truth

      June 10, 2015 at 4:27 pm

      Who’s standing in your way?

  4. TruthnLovePpl

    July 21, 2015 at 5:10 am

    Black feminism continues to be a tool to further the interest of the broader feminist movement. The results of which are clear, the overwhelmingly primary beneficiary of affirmative action were white women. This is a fact which any basic research on the subject will support. Overwhelmingly white women marry white males, thereby diverting the economic gains designed for Black people and consolidating them firmly in the white community. This is why the wealth gap between white and black families is at 300% and rising. In the 45-50 years since the feminist movement the Black America has been under constant in increasing oppression. We have lost two generations of men and losing a third, our women and children are living in a state of dire poverty, and White America continues to consolidate and then entrench wealth and power. No other community is as fractured as the Black Community. No other minority community divides it’s collective strength. After 50 years we need to wake up and smell the coffee. The can be no Black Feminism without Black economic and social empowerment. This is where our collective efforts must be directed. Since the dawn of time the way to destroy a people was to kill the men and enslave the women and children. Historically Black women were always the backbone of our families, communities, and economy. She could work where during slavery and Jim Crow many of our men could not. She held the family together where during Slavery and Jim Crow many of our men were separated from the family for economic, political, or social reasons. She was the activist power in the churches throughout our history, culminating in the Civil Rights Movement. The Black Women is our backbone as the Black Male is our head, We have forgotten this simple truth, man and woman. We see the results in our present condition…. WAKE UP and WORK TOGETHER! We will not progress or survive any other way.

  5. JennyGurl

    January 13, 2016 at 11:22 am

    More of that “not all” bullshit. Just like racist white people whose allyship depends on the “tone” in which the truth is spoken and whether or not you specify that you are talking about them individially. Black men cannot be “thrown under the bus” in conversations about anti-black misogyny. That sounds as absurd as the notion of “reverse racism”. Moving right along. There is nothing of substance to see here.

    • Tyler

      September 2, 2016 at 9:35 pm

      The old “anti oppression” firing squad. Doesn’t matter how oppressed a black man is a black woman is more oppressed according to some rigid academic caricacture of how oppression works so if she points a finger at him he’s guilty and has no right to say anything to defend himself.

  6. R. D. Walker

    January 14, 2016 at 6:55 am

    The first fallacy is that black women and their liberation struggles are to be determined and justified only under the umbrella of a black liberation struggle that has been traditionally male centered and only valid as struggle, if white people are
    involved in the oppression. Where do I even start with this one? Racist white people
    have always oppressed black women with a specific form of racist oppression in
    every area that black women operate in from reproductive health care rights,
    medical treatment, fair wages, equal pay, employment rights, domestic violence,
    police violence and sexual violence, to sexual objectification and degrading
    images in media, to emotional harm in social media, to the second class
    treatment of black women in sports, education, religion and politics and oppression
    in political movements etc. Throughout history, black women and their survival
    has been threatened and targeted by racist white people in economic areas as well as areas that effect their children especially in areas of welfare rights, education
    and housing where they are always front and center in fighting for rights,

    When it comes to organizing and protest around these issues, black males, for the most part, are nowhere to be found. They will barely show up at all if there is a police shooting of a black woman. To therefore suggest that there is no way that black women should be organized as black feminists, because the areas of black liberation that are traditionally male centered are what black women should be focused on, is absolutely ridiculous. To also suggest that these other areas of particular interest to black women should take a back seat or not be organized around as black feminist issues, because black women should only support black male centered, determined and defined oppression, is totally insane.

    This other fallacy that black women are feminists, solely because they have had
    bad personal experiences with black men, is something right out of a misogynistic,
    1970’s black liberation handbook. That is one of the biggest myths going and is
    another tactic used to try to shut women down and keep them from speaking out
    on the issues of oppression that black women face. This is said in order to put
    black women on the defensive about their personal lives when their personal
    lives are not at issue here. A black women can be a part of a movement to save
    the rain forests. That doesn’t mean that she’s lived there. This comment is
    therefore nothing but asinine.

    Perhaps, the number one issue to YOU is white supremacy. Black women however, have three number one issues, white supremacy, sexism and economic oppression and if they are lesbian or bisexual then they have four, gender oppression. So your narrow viewpoint has nothing to do with how black women should define themselves nor does it have anything to do with what oppression black women feel they should be addressing. For you to say that “This system has not, is not, & shall not discriminate or segregate Black people based upon gender.” is completely FALSE as black women have been discriminated in all four of these areas, among others, that affect them specifically, in every part of their lives.

    The main reason why black people have all of these conflicts when it comes to addressing sexism and misogyny is narrow minded black males like you who refuse to even discuss the various types of oppression black women contend with daily. You also refuse to confront the role you as black males play in furthering those various types of oppression. You instead think that everything revolves around your penis. It doesn’t. You have shown that you don’t want white males to oppress you but that you want to either replace racist white males or have a seat at the table with these white males and be just as oppressive towards black women as they have been. There is an entire planet of black women, that have all sorts of issues of oppression to contend with which stem from the enforcement of black patriarchal rules that would exist whether white people were in the picture or not.

    Therefore your desire to have every black woman ignore those various forms of oppression, your insanely stupid dismissal of them, your lame attempt at writing them off as mere “personal issues” and your distortion of the history of black women, is nothing less than callous in its disregard and contemptuousness. Then you have the nerve to wonder why black women view you as they do and more and more don’t want to support you in these issues around forms of white supremacy that affect you, (obviously the only thing you are concerned about). It’s because YOU ARE THE ONES THROWING BLACK WOMEN UNDER THE BUS. You and the black males that carry your narrow line of non-thinking, are the very reason why more and more black women are unwilling to compromise when it comes to relinquishing any area of struggle or any decision to confront the issues of particular interest to them. Especially since more and more black males are exacerbating those issues while creating even more oppression for black women to contend with.

    You actually succeeded, in this diatribe, to show why it’s more crucial than ever for black women to wake up and see just how deeply rooted the misogyny and sexism and patriarchal control in the black community is and why, more than ever, they should shore up and be firm in their stance against every form of it.

    • Gil

      January 14, 2016 at 7:24 am

      You managed to get all of that out of this blog post? Ok.

      I’m just going to assume you purposely looked the parts where I stressed black men such as myself have absolutely no problems with helping black women if we can & if we are needed.

      But yeah, sure.

  7. Common_Sense

    September 11, 2016 at 5:33 am

    Brother this is not new. This is ancient. Black women always touted that they “had our backs” throughout the struggle but a simple double-checking of historical documents, slave shipping and trading charters, plantation lease records, and other pertinent colonial documents of history shows otherwise. Check the so-called “racist” or “white supremacist” historical literature. Where do you think the concept of the “nigger bed-wench” came from? Do you really think every single black woman who massa bedded were forced or raped?! You’d be foolish to think this. Why do you think it is so EASY for them to sell us out to the white man even today, when slavery has already been abolished over 100 years and the civil rights war has already been fought.

    Black women seem to think misogyny of any kind happens in a vacuum and for absolutely no reason, the absolute idiots. Yes some of us are part of the problem but the buck stops SQUARELY with YOU black woman, for YOU are the ones who, listening to your lesbian feminist friends, declared “I’m a strong independent woman and don’t need no man!”, and with THAT mindset, deemed that ANY infraction of a black man was grounds for dismissal out of the home, no matter how insignificant in hindsight. Then tried to RAISE children all on your own either through the state extorting a so-called “dead-beat” father into oblivion, or through a duped daddy.

    Women in GENERAL (bursting with female hyper-gamy) have been selling out and trading in men who THEY deem unworthy for whomsoever they deem as “better” or “higher status” models, (for totally selfish reasons too), for centuries upon centuries, and black women are NO different. In fact they are often the WORST offenders of this out of every race! Stay there thinking they’ll have your back. They have respect for neither our praise nor our rebuke. Everything the black man does or says to the black woman is a problem, once we don’t put them on a pedestal high and lifted up, and even then the pedestal has to be shined down bright like massa’s shoe shine stand. Don’t believe me? Check out ANY comments section of ANY article where a black man offers even the MILDEST form of reproof to black women and get some perspective! Black women don’t have any form of natural love for the black man period. They never did, at ANY time! We NEVER had a patriarchy. It was ALWAYS a matriarchy REGARDLESS of the status of men in the ancient African society. Women always wielded the true power and they KNOW it. Who do you think sent men off to wars to expand our territories and other frivolous and petty reasons?! SAME people who do it today in the hood! Check African history. You may be surprised. Talk about misogyny? It is THEY who have EVER dealt misandry unto us throughout history. Feminism only enables this misandry

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