Letter to MO National Guard: Don’t Attack the Public

Onyx Contributor:  Johnny Silvercloud (@JohnnySilverclo)

Hello there Missouri National Guard Soldiers.  I’m Johnny Silvercloud of the Onyx Truth.  I know that Ferguson has been a very polarizing subject.  Tolerate me.

Missouri National Guard members, I know there has been a robust misinformation campaign to ensure that the events that took place this summer were infinitely at the fault of an unarmed member of the American public.  I know that we infinitely pretend that the police are always right.  I know that there’s a severe empathy problem in America, particularly towards nonwhite peoples.  I also know it’s easier to pull the trigger on a black person than it is a white person in America.  Because of this data, I highly implore you, do NOT attack the protesters.  PROTECT, these protesters. Protect the vulnerable people of America.


For those Soldiers who engage in conservative talking points on race relations in Ferguson: please, read something in psychology and/or sociology.  Become well studied.  While I like some parts of Fox News, conservative media are largely unscientific when it comes to social issues pertaining to nonwhites, especially, Afro-Americans.  There are scores and scores and scores of scholastic knowledge, data collected and information out there and it does NOT support any major conservative narrative concerning race relations in America.  Conservative media prefers SHORTCUTS in thinking; that registers as negative STEREOTYPES of people. Seriously, read scientific findings on this matter.

There’s also numerous cases of testimony, directly FROM the public in regards to mistreatment due to police brutality.

You can also talk to a Chaplain or a psychology medical officer on your nearest base.  They too will tell you what persecution is.  They too will tell you what implicit bias and cognitive dissonance is.  They will tell you what racism is.  They will tell you who are vulnerable people are, people crying for help, people who feel socially and politically powerless.

In addition, my military friends, let me inform you that you run the risk of committing the worst atrocities upon American people.  Missouri National Guard members I have three words for you: Kent. State. Massacre.

You do not want to join the ranks of those who lived that infamous day.  You do not want to be on the wrong side of history.  I don’t want you to be on the wrong side of history.

“Is it really a stretch to call it apartheid, even as one after another after another after another black male (roughly one every 28 hours) — and more than a few black women and girls — are gunned down by police or vigilantes in city after city and town after town, unarmed, or armed only with an air rifle in a Wal-Mart?” ~ Tim Wise

Keep in mind this isn’t just about Mike Brown.  This is a tipping point from too many unarmed American people suffering summary executions in broad daylight.

I want to also mention that in the most technical sense, the Ferguson police has already proven that they are more than prepared to act as their own army, to include act as their own COINTELPRO.  The police of Ferguson do not need your help; they are not the ones who are terrorized by excessive force.  They not only attacked the public, they also attacked the media personnel on sight.  They do not support the Constitution, and many of their tactics are human rights violations, and they have been condemned worldwide.  Understand that if you attack the protesters you will embarrass the uniform, the service, and the United States, and will have set back military-public relations another 50 years.  Think on it.

 Please, I implore you, do not attack the protesters.  As seen in the video, they did NOTHING to warrant the blatant police brutality that was committed. 

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