Bill Cosby’s Lasting Legacy

Bill Cosby’s Lasting Legacy

Read an interesting Facebook status update from a friend today in reference to Bill Cosby…

“I’m probably gonna catch hell and get talked about for this, but whatever.  I’m entitled to my opinion…

I can guarantee you that had Bill Cosby’s accusers so far had all been Black women, a lot of you would be judging the hell out those women.  They’d be accused of “bringing a Black man down”, and “trying to get money” for screwing him.  I know it would happen because I’ve seen the posts.  When Adrian Peterson was accused of child abuse, people were quick to accuse the child’s mother of trying to bring Adrian Peterson down.  When the truth was, the kid already had a doctor’s appointment that Adrian Peterson knew about, and the doctors were the ones to call the police.  And dare I summon the names Ray & Janay Rice.  We know some of the crazy shit people were saying about her.  But back to the allegations.  Just struggling with of all people, the power that Bill Cosby is said to possess.  Celebrity or not, an identifiable Black man escaping arrest or investigation for the alleged rape of multiple White women multiple times in a country where driving while Black and walking while Black is a real thing is more than an anomaly.  It’s unfreakin’ believable.  As we know, Black men have gotten killed for less.  Where did Cosby get this special technicolor coat?  Why him?  I’ve been neutral on the topic to this point, but the new Janice Dickinson allegation was just too much for me.”

This is quite the anomaly especially as we reflect back to just over this year alone the dangers of being a Black male have presented.  No need in really repeating myself in regards to everything that’s been taking place this year; just click HERE to get caught up to speed.

When it comes to whether or not Bill Cosby is innocent or guilty, I for one do not have an opinion either way simply because of how all of this has been playing out in the media as of lately.  Women are coming out left & right accusing him of rape after the alleged incidents happened decades ago & Bill Cosby isn’t really doing much to win over the public to believing his side of the story either.  So, I’m just going to play the sidelines on this & watch what happens.  But in the meantime, I will point out one very clear & distinct truth…that is:  No matter who you are or how much money you have, if the dominant society calls your number in their daily lotto, they’re coming for you.

My friend who typed this status update made an excellent point in addressing as to how could a Black man in America get away with allegedly raping so many White women for so many years.  It doesn’t even seem logical.  Leave it up to the court of public opinion, the masses have collectively cosigned with the notion that Bill Cosby had too much money, power, & influence back in the day; which is probably true.  But did he really have THAT much money & power to escape accusations of being a rapist?  Not just any rapist, but a Black male raping White women in America?  Remember this is the same dominant society that had Emmett Till killed for allegedly flirting with a White woman.  This is the same dominant society which instilled the fear of God into a country during a Presidential campaign about all of the big bad Black rapists running around on every street in America back in 1988.  This is the same dominant society that has been after OJ Simpson ever since he was acquitted for killing 2 White people.  This is the same dominant society who caused a possible serious Black Republican candidate to drop out of the Presidential race back in 2011.  So, I personally just find it hard to believe that Bill Cosby could have been allegedly committing these crimes for so long on multiple White women AND NOBODY said anything.  But who knows.  What I do know is this:  as long and as lustrious of a career Bill Cosby has had, this is more than likely going to be his lasting legacy…Bill Cosby:  America’s Dad Accused of Raping At Least 15 Women.  Horrible way to end a career & lifetime of work.  Just sad.

Hopefully none of it is true, but if the saying “art imitates life” is as true as people believe it to be, then this comedic skit is probably one he regrets peforming…

But back to my friend’s status update, I wonder how all of this would have played out if these women were Black.  What’s say you?

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