This is Why Democrats Suck

5. Departure from Engaging in Civil/Human Rights Activism

Branching off of the cowardly Democrat’s flight from race discussion in America, you have a severe disengagement with political activism.  Just as Barry Goldwater defined the Republican Party after 1964, Robert Kennedy defined the Democratic Party since he first intervened in aid of the Freedom Riders who got caught in the mass violence from the conservative (conserving, *ahem* institutional racism) white mobs.  When Kennedy talk to Martin Luther King on the phone, that should be what the Democratic Party is about.  That one era in American History radically changed and shifted the two main political parties of the United States.

Liberals, Democrats… you need to get back to Civil Rights, and Human Rights.  Earlier I mentioned a lack of a Tea Party counterpart.  What I failed to mention is that there’s also a lack of a Libertarian counterpart, and perhaps that counterpart should be called Egalitarian.

Egalitarianism — compassion for others — is ruthlessly missing in today’s politics.  Those who are nonwhites and are poor, these are the more vulnerable edges of society whom have NO fighting champion in regards to American politics.  What Democrats and liberals need to do is re-engage in Civil and Human Rights as a whole, and aggressively defend vulnerable peoples of the United States who are infinitely berated and dehumanized by conservative media.  Democrats must PROVIDE answers to problems in the black community, rather than just whimsically figure that blacks will infinitely vote Democrat at the polls.  Have you been paying attention?  There is an option to not vote at all.  You cannot conclude you are better than Republicans because your racism isn’t as loud as theirs.  Do something.

This point here encompasses all the other points stated prior;

  1. Seriousness and Determination
  2. Pride and Tenacity
  3. Stop Denying Racism and Protect Vulnerable People
  4. Invoke Religious Principles Held to Heart

If liberals, and/or Democrats can fix this, they might have the power to counter the far-right’s edge on mobilizing people to the polls.  But until then, democrats suck, and these are the reasons why.


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