This is Why Democrats Suck

4. Forfeiting Religion to Conservatives

Another reason why liberals fail in American politics is because of a perceived forfeiture or even animosity towards religion, specifically, Christianity.  To even have a policy of no mention or reference to religion is damaging.  You cannot stop invoking religion, because when you do, it becomes a thing that ONLY Republicans say, and when religiosity becomes only a Republican thing, they then become the group that defines what it means to be religious in America.  That means cherry-picking the Bible on sociopolitical matters, and invoking religious imagery of ancient heroes once again.  We already discussed invoking the essence of the Founding Fathers, which becomes a civic religion within itself.  Why allow only conservatives to do the same thing with a real religion?  Even in anti-religious speak, this is a dumb idea; religion is brainwashing?  Got it.  Now since you got that far, why would you let a weapon of mass destruction rest ONLY in the hands of Republicans?

Have you read the Bible?  If you are a liberal I got news for you:  the stuff Jesus says and does works in your favor.

From an objective standpoint, religion was created to unify people across tribal and ethnic groups and natural barriers.  There should be no issue with invoking, or even arguing a debate using religious references in your favor.  If you are a liberal who even hates Christianity, you should at least learn to appreciate to core values that distinguish it from other irreligious principles.

If you’re an atheist, I regret to inform you that there’s no unity in NOT having a religion.  Atheists can believe and do whatever they want, and they do.  There is no dogma to atheism, therefore there’s no brotherhood in it.  If religion meant “bike clubs”, to be an atheist means you don’t have a bike; you ain’t riding.  Mathematically speaking the function of atheist is zero; the word only exist as a “place holder”.  If you believe in nothing, “nothing” is there.  Those without faith can still vote for liberals, it’s just that it’s flawed logic for a party to not consider religiosity completely.  Despite contrary beliefs, Americans are immensely religious, and newer religions sprung up on American soil faster than any other nation.  That’s something to think about.

Overall, a big mistake Democrats make is allowing the GOP to hijack American religiosity.  One can be religious without being a fanatical zealot ensuring rights are violated and groups are hated on.  What’s missing in politics is a group that can show the world how.

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