This is Why Democrats Suck

3. Allowing Conservatives to Define Racism

Let’s talk about race relations.  Allowing conservatives to define racism is like allowing a perpetual wife beater define “domestic violence”.  Allowing conservatives to define racism, is like allowing an alcoholic define what’s “enough to drink”.  Allowing conservatives to define racism is like having a cop define “police brutality”.  It is stupid, that’s all.  In fact it’s so asinine, conservatives are fully capable of rolling back Civil and Human Rights gains because Democrats are composed of mostly whites, which means they exist within the realm of white privilege.  That’s a big win for Republicans who have been harnessing national animus against nonwhites ever since 1964.

The current standard for racism in the court of law is only the “act of malice” standard.  That means, the court must prove malicious intent to define racism.  The problem with that, it the act of malice standard is behavior-based instead of effect-based.  This means that as long as a person doesn’t act like Donald Sterling or don a white hood, racism doesn’t exist.  This also means that fighting institutional racism is nearly impossible; if a police officer with black friends “just so happen to” pull out his service revolver faster on young black males than anyone else, even when no crime is committed, there’s nothing in the justice department that can challenge that.  The problem with the “act of malice” standard is that it involves behavior instead of effect, and all a bigot has to do is “watch his mouth” or overall, adapt to the times while still executing the same racist principles. 

The reason why this is an issue is because in a white dominant society you have this thing called “white privilege”.  While this term means many things, right now I’m going to point out white privilege is the fact that white people can INFINITELY choose comfort over honest reality concerning race relations in America.  White privilege is the means that enables white people to blow off institutional racism.  White privilege allows whites, who have the most sociological capital in society, to suggest that “racism is over” because of superficial social benchmarks, such as a black guy being elected President; no “coloreds only” water fountains and schools.  White privilege as it stands today, is a system of denial; it’s almost like the majority of whites — conservative or liberal, Democrat or Republican — are socialized to duck, dodge, deflect, and deny racism in any discussion pertaining to race.   Colorblindness concerning race relations, a liberalism that conservatives love to claim, is categorically stupid.  It’s almost as dumb as stating one is “sex/gender blind” and then pretends that a woman is not a woman and a man is not a man.  If you were “windows blind” for example, you wouldn’t have any defenses or countermeasures when I grab a bat and break every house and car window for 3 city blocks… and that’s the underlying point:  This is a refusal to see problems in plain sight.  

Now if you can’t identify a problem, that means you can’t solve a problem.  Since many liberals have a problem with actually engaging in radically honest talk on race relations — like how the liberals USED to be — conservatives are fully capable of hijacking the discussion, and they have.  When a conservative panders towards national black animus and a democrat calls him out, guess what?  Somehow, through manipulative political judo, the politician who was harnessing the power of white bigotry MAKES THE DEMOCRAT APOLOGIZE for calling out the obvious.  Because liberals allowed conservatives to define what racism means, conservatives now hold that “bringing up/pointing out race” is what the “real racists” do.  Again, this is idiotic.  This is like saying the person who called the fire department started the fire, or the person who calls the police is the criminal.  In the same manner that pointing out that your mom is a woman isn’t sexist, pointing out someone’s race isn’t racist.  But because liberals are cowards, we are at this point where conservatives silence dissent and begin to chip away and roll back Civil Rights gains.

Liberals, Democrats, fix this.

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