This is Why Democrats Suck

2. No Tea Party Counterbalance

Another reason why liberals suck is because they do not have a Tea Party (Republican) counterpart.  Tea Party individuals parade around a lot of stupid talking points and wear them with a badge of honor.  They are PROUD to deny racism, deny sexism, & deny global climate change.  Even further, they are PROUD to deny any scientific research or evidence that disproves their claim; birther conspiracy theorists are a fine example.  They are PROUD to argue down liberals with flawed talking points and NEVER turn around to correct themselves when wrong… and they usually are.  In short, they are PROUD to be conservative.  And they are fighters — something you, clearly are not.

In knowing this, perhaps now you can answer my question my political donkey enthusiasts:  why aren’t you PROUD to be liberal?  Proud on the fact that scientific research & academia usually backs up your claim?  Proud of the fact that your arguments are usually sound?  Pride goes a long way; the Republicans have a very loud and proud element of their party and it looks like they are here to stay.  In being the proudest and the loudest, all of that noise usually cancels out whatever the correct, precise or accurate, the more scientific, the more academic person has to say… and at that point it doesn’t matter if you are right.  But if you can match their pride, intensity and tenacity… you then BALANCE the playing field in political debate and you being the most correct, precise, or accurate will to win the game.  Liberals need to find a way around conservative meretriciousness.

I know what you are thinking since I threw a couple of kicks to the crotch:  “Well then Johnny Silver, how do I make a damn Tea Party counterpart?”  If you asked this question, you’re one smart cookie, and you’ll find me not backed into a corner with that important question.  Lean forward with me and let me tell you something…

First and foremost, I’ll point out that you missed a couple of opportunities or opportunities missed you, whatever which comes first.  The biggest mistake the Occupy Wallstreet movement did was decide to be apolitical, not choose sides.  Had they chosen a side that’s the most receptive to their cause — that would be Democrat I believe — the Dems might have had a highly energized sect who might have by now balanced and neutralized Tea Party influence in the 2014 election cycle.  Anytime there’s a protest, or anything that looks like a protest, you politicians need to fucking listen.  Currently, there’s massive protests concerning police brutality & killing unarmed Americans.  Let me ask you something:  do they have your ear?  

When you are a liberal and do not stand up to support liberal ideals, you are spineless.

Decide on a name.

The second thing they did was decide on a name that inspires, that all of them can get behind.  “Tea Party” has the appeal of the revolutionary war era, where technically government peoples become deities in a civic religion and everything of the era is sacrosanct.  So first, decide on a name of this branch that inspires and remind people of something “American”.

Provide financial resources, organizational capacity building, talking points, and speakers to the emerging movement.

This one is the most important in the making of the Tea Party; it’s doubtful that the movement would have coalesced and worked with much influence had they never got the backing from the moneyed right-wing elites.  The funders not only shape the ideology of the Tea Party, they also handpicked many of the political candidates the Tea Party came to endorse.  David and Charles Koch — big oil billionaires — were the ones who provided the financial backbone to the Tea Party.  They were educated, funded, and organized by Big Oil.

Have a large media Cheerleader.

The Tea Party had, you guessed it, Fox News.  This also includes radio programs such as Hannity and Rush Limbaugh.  Fox News paraded and cheer-led for the Tea Party so much, it blatantly inflated demonstrations to include advertising for them.  Fox began promising that their celebrities will attend Tea Party Functions:  Glenn Beck in Texas, Neil Cavuto in California, the list goes on.  Occupy Wallstreet did NOT have anything like this in liberal media, and the Ferguson protests became largely ignored currently.  In short, a media cheerleader network is needed.

  1. Pride
  2. Name
  3. Resources
  4. Cheerleader

^That’s all you need to make a Tea Party counterpart.


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