This is Why Democrats Suck

Why Liberals (and/or Democrats) Suck

Let’s get this one straight: I talk about conservatives a lot.  While I’m not a liberal (nor conservative) I do understand that there’s a serious gap in logic in how conservatives function and I call that out a lot.  But in response to the Democratic Party getting demolished by the Republicans in the House of Representatives and the Senate, I think it’s time to engage in HONEST criticism of the more liberal party, the Democrats.  This time, it’s probably going to be the Republicans and/or conservatives laughing their asses off at you, hard.  I highly implore every Democrat, liberal or progressive to check out this radically honest criticism.

1. Jon Stewart Liberalism, Who’s Laughing Now?

First and foremost, I like Jon Stewart (but I also like O’Reilly, so don’t get any ideas).  Jon Stewart is hilarious and can debate his ass off.  Usually when he debates O’Reilly (or any GOP/Con) he wins so there’s something to respect there.  He is undeniably good at composing logical arguments, and he’s funny.  The issue here is NOT exactly Jon Stewart, it’s the characterization of simply just laughing off conservatives.  Simply put, liberals are really good at listening to conservatives, watching them, and picking apart their talking points, but suck at actually taking them seriously.  Liberals do NOT take conservatives seriously… this translates to Democrats not taking Republicans seriously.  Are you seeing where I’m getting at?

“When you give conservatives bad news in your polls, they want to kill you.  When you give liberals bad news in your polls, they want to kill themselves.” ~ Unknown

Problem here is that the right-wing group are DEADLY SERIOUS, and because they are primarily motivated by FEAR, they show up at polls.  The interesting (but crazy) thing about the political right is that it’s becoming more far right — right-wing, right-edge — than ever before.  Nihilistic talk of simply getting rid of locking up, deporting, killing people in disagreement (that’s you, liberals) once was the thing of rural, isolated militia camp talk.  Now it’s mainstream, and with people like Hannity, Alex Jones, Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh, it’s only going to get worse.

While both sides do tend to engage in name calling, there’s a core difference in how it’s done and how it’s said by who:  when a liberal calls someone a conservative, it’s like calling someone silly, or a clown in plain sight.  This is usually accompanied with a smirk or laughter.  When a conservative calls someone a liberal, the connotation seeks to dehumanize; filth, scum of the earth, animal.  Note that they are never laughing when they say this. There’s not even an arrogant smirk.  That’s because they want to kill you, that’s why.

So this trait that I define as “Jon Stewart Liberalism” has to go.  When a conservative is talking, everyone becomes a comedian.  While even I love a good laugh, and it’s okay to laugh sometimes, just remember that that conservative is NOT laughing, in fact no matter how ridiculous they seem they are serious as a heart attack in everything they are saying.  And if you are careful, they might just take a seat from a Democrat.

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