America is Dead

Onyx Contributor:  Tim Druck (@southendtimd)

I’m simply waiting for some Conservative to tell me that America is the will of the people, and this is the people’s will, so it’s America.

That’s so untrue as to be laughable.  America is a set of ideas that our Founders thought were so important that they protected those ideas even from the will of the people.

America is an idea, one that we used to believe in.  These people we’re electing have lost those core values.

We hold these truths to be self-evident – that all men are created equal.  But we elect leaders who are on record against equality for women and the LGBTQ community.

Equal protection under the law – that’s a core value.  But we elect leaders who uphold the fallacy that money is your voice, and people with more money deserve a bigger voice.

Equal opportunity is an American core value.  But I’m watching America hand the Senate to people who want to eliminate the minimum wage entirely.  People who think women’s work isn’t worth the same pay as the same work done by men.  People who don’t think an abortion ban is good enough, that want to ban birth control.  Barefoot and pregnant for the 21st Century.

Service to country is an American core value.  But I’m watching America elect people who think that teachers and cops and firefighters and paramedics are overpaid dilettantes hiding behind their unions.  People who send our sons and daughters on an endless quest for wars in foreign lands while their families suffer and starve at home.

Being your own man – not paying for the sins of your father – that’s a core American value.  But I’m watching America elect people who think that winning means grabbing the power then ending the game, so nobody else ever gets a chance to get a piece of the pie.  The perpetuation of the plutocracy via poorer public education, reduced access to the polls, and the shift from middle-class to working poor due to stagnant wages is the goal of our freely-elected leaders.

I’m disappointed in America.

This is about Arkansas electing a GOP governor and a GOP Senator tonight, but electing a minimum wage raise by a 2:1 margin.  It’s about Nebraska doing the exact same thing.

How does that happen?  I’m not sure Americans even know who stands for what anymore, just what gang they think they’re supposed to belong to.

More than 65% of Americans that, when questioned about issues like abortion, gay marriage, the minimum wage, tax policy, unemployment and SNAP, without Conservative and Liberal labels and personalities attached, agree with the center-left point of view.

Yet Americans continue to elect Republican majorities because of soundbites by nabobs about lazy freeloaders, family values, guns, and whispers about race, as if Democrats are on the side of the lazy, the Dionysian, the Socialist and the minority-bigot.

I just don’t understand it.

We elect leaders that believe that a beating heart is a person with rights that supersede its host, but that paper-and-ink corporations, by virtue of their amassed resources, have the same rights as the flesh-and-blood component parts of which they are made.

We imprison our citizens for drug crimes because it’s too expensive to rehabilitate them, but we rehabilitate our corporations from their failures at huge expense because they’re too important to fail.

We apparently now believe that liberty means protecting everyone’s freedom to take from each other with impunity, that we no longer have the right to demand that our government set the rules in favor of the many instead of the few.

We no longer believe in government of the people, by the people, for the people.  It has perished from this earth.  The last and greatest hope is gone, the better angels of our nature have been extinguished in favor of the social version of the Darwinism that the Red Horde so vehemently denies in favor of a Jesus they don’t really know.

America is dead.  And we killed it.

Photo Credit: Johnny Silvercloud

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