Shaun King’s Ten Questions for Darren Wilson

I’ve been writing about the socio-political atmosphere of fear for over a year now.  My words on the fear aspect of racism — one I call Afrophobia — is well documented being that I’ve been writing for nearly a year.  In the wake of the death murder of the unarmed 19 year old Mike Brown by police officer Darren Wilson, this columnist has been bumping into, tracking, and conversing with many names in what I call the Neo-Abolitionist movement.  Shaun King is a Social Media and Integrated Marketing Strategist who is unwaveringly passionate to the cause to abolish institutional racism and bigotry.  Shaun King is the fellow who pointed out numerous flaws in the Ferguson Police response to an officer killing rage killing a surrendering young man, which really should be observed.  He also makes it a point, much like myself, to point out the social response from those who exist in white privilege:  People who “support Darren Wilson” despite the near-obvious level of police corruption that surrounds the entire problem.  Here I shall join Shaun King in his questions just for those who don’t use Twitter, and, these questions REALLY need to be asked by everyone.  Including Darren Wilson supporters.

10. Did you tell Mike Brown & Dorian Johnson to “get the fuck on the sidewalk”?

Good question.  I would be wondering where this automatic hostility is coming from.  Jaywalking?  Got it.  But that’s hardly any reason to be that mad over.  Just as there’s supposed to be an escalation of force with equal force, the same goes with words.  Police used to be a public servant that we, the public are supposed to trust.  When we were kids we were told that if anything’s the problem, ask the police.  Why are you so blatantly hostile to a set of folks you never met?  Did you have preconceived notions about them based on… their skin tone?

9. When you pulled away, since your chief said you didn’t know about the store incident, why did you reverse your SUV to confront them?

I’m not going to say “good question” anymore; they all are.  I wonder about this one too.  Usually, when a cop pulls away and then re-engages the public, it always seem like the cop is going “…you know what? FUCK THIS SHIT, I’m cracking heads up in this bitch,” inside of his car, and nothing EVER goes well after that.  My question is this: Are police allowed to be violently wrathful in misdemeanor engagements?  I remember when a cop (Atlanta, Georgia) decided to pull his car into a parking lot where I and seven others were standing in a parking lot; could have ran us over had we not moved.  Is that type of instigating, conduct becoming of what’s deemed police officer professionalism?

8. When you recklessly reversed your SUV to confront Mike & Dorian, 4 people saw & heard your tires screech & nearly hit the teens. Why?

Check my response above, Darren Wilson and associates.  What were you trying to do?  Is it Standard Operating Procedure to engage the public by nearly hitting them with your police cruiser?  I know they usually have reinforced bumpers, but I doubt they are made for pummeling through the public like a nine year old playing a game he has no business playing: Grand Theft Auto Five. Ironically, if you keep that up in that video game, the police chase you. Then the Feds.  How come you need Feds to chase you BEFORE the police do in your case, Mr. Wilson and friends?  Shouldn’t the police, do their job?  You know, POLICE up police as well?

7. If you did not know about the store incident, why exactly did you open the door of your SUV to confront the teens?

I’m dying to hear the answer to this one.  Why did you hit them WITH your car door?  What were you doing?  What’s up with the predator-like mentality you have as a police officer?

6. Did you believe that Mike Brown was armed?

If so, why?  Because you think all black youth are, “packing heat” out in those streets?  If you thought he was armed, why didn’t you call for backup?

5. After you shot Mike Brown through your SUV window, he fled over 100 feet, did you still feel threatened while you chased him?

I said it once and I’ll say it again: Mike Brown has to be an X-Man character to fulfill your story Wilson and associates.  Mike Brown had to be Quicksilver to be as big as he was and clear 100 feet before death; if you grapple with a cop, you are dying close quarters.  There’s no such thing as a cop that “feels” you are going for his weapon and then allows time to clear 100 feet in distance.  Let’s get one thing straight; touch a gun on a cop, you are dying within lap dancing range.  I have a following question:  What hand do you shoot with?  If you are right-handed like 85-90% of people in the world, that means that your holster is on your right hand side.  That means that your gun is FAR from being snatched by a fat guy, especially when you were sitting in the driver’s side of your police cruiser.  To logically be deemed a threat to a cop in this case, Mike Brown had to be Mr. Fantastic to stretch for your gun while you were seated in a police cruiser.  Is Mike Brown a man with mutant powers?  Because to be a threat at 100 feet, I’m going to have to ask did you expect Mike Brown to shoot laser beams from his eyes at you.  Mike Brown would have had to be Cyclops to be a threat to your life from that distance.

4. 6 eyewitnesses saw you take 6 shots at the back of Mike Brown. Was your intention to arrest or kill him with those shots?

Did you say “Freeze” or “stop or I’ll shoot”, or give any warning to indicate an escalation of force?  If so, how come NO witnesses have come forward claiming so?  Shaun King’s question here is a really important one.  What was your intent?  Did you WANT to kill Mike Brown?  Do you think he deserved to be shot to death?  In leaving his body rotting on the asphalt for four hours, why didn’t you call for an ambulance?  Did you figure, that if he were to survive the encounter it would bring you to ruin due to a person being able to inform the public of what you’ve done?

3. Did you believe Mike Brown was hit again when his body jerked & he turned around after your 8th shot at him?

Why so many bullets in broad daylight?  Six out of eleven shots, YOU become the force that’s endangering the public, correct?

2. 6 eyewitnesses saw Mike Brown lift his hands & verbally surrender to you. How did you interpret these actions?

I’m REALLY waiting to hear this one.

1. Before you fired 2 fatal shots into Mike Brown’s head, he had been shot 4 times by you. Did you still believe him to be a threat then?

Why did you deem him as a threat to begin with?  A normal encounter with police… you could have followed him home and talked to his parents if it was that serious.


  • 5. You told federal investigators that you were punched & scratched repeatedly by Mike Brown. Why did you not see ANY of the on-scene medics?
  • 4. You claim that Mike Brown “went” for your gun. Was this after it was drawn within inches of his face?
  • 3. Why did you not radio in to dispatch after you shot & killed Mike Brown? Who were the first 3 people you called and why?
  • 2. When you successfully aimed & shot Mike Brown twice in the head w/ your last bullets, is this because you had no intention to arrest him?
  • 1. Who first told you not to create a report the day you killed Mike Brown and why did they tell you not to create a report?

All of these questions should be questions that every American should be asking right now.  When did we allow police to execute a person without due process?  If the prosecutor is not asking these same questions in the court of law, and because of intense pro-police/racial bias ALLOWS Wilson to exist Scott Free with his badge intact, the message is clear: police are clearly above the law. 

 Photo Credit: Kevin E. 

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