Response to the Gentleman Alleging to be Jorge Eugene Moran

Dear readers, it has been a while since I have written for the Onyx Truth.  I went back to studying anthropology and my writing has currently been in an academic forum as opposed to writing for an online magazine.  I have not forgotten about the Onyx Truth and I had hoped to write my next article from an anthropological point of view on issues that concern our society.  Instead, I find myself writing a piece on a man claiming to be Jorge Eugene Moran that has threatened to sue me and has accused me of slander.  I have also discovered that personal information has been obtained and shared publicaly, IN MY OPINION – out of retaliation of an article that I wrote and received a request from a man claiming to be George Eugene Moran, to allow him to tag himself in a picture of me with my CHILDREN in the picture; and his chilling response seems to imply that he had been viewing my personal photos, after he claimed to have accidentally sent a request for him to be tagged in my photo.

A little background on the article in question – earlier this year, an article by the title of Racism at Bass Pro Shop: A White Man’s Burden: The Story of Jorge Moran was shared in a Facebook group that debates on societal issues.  I wrote a response on that forum and was asked to write that response in an article.  I complied and I wrote the article Superman Is Dead & A White Savior Isn’t Needed.  Now I am accused of slander.  So, let’s address some points from both articles, shall we?

“Recently, the Examiner published an online article entitled Racism at Bass Pro Shop: A White Man’s Burden: The Story of Jorge Moran that recounts Mr. Moran’s experience with allegedly encountering racism by one of the store’s employees while shopping one day at the Bass Pro Shop” — Superman Is Dead & A White Savior Isn’t Needed

“Jorge Eugene Moran is an actor, director, and owner at  He is also a self-described anti-racist.  In this interview, the discussion covers his experience with racism at Bass Pro Shop, his views on race” — Racism at Bass Pro Shop: A White Man’s Burden: The Story of Jorge Moran

Well, Mr. Moran (or whomever claims to be Mr. Moran and such is implied for the rest of the article), was there an article on the Examiner titled Racism at Bass Pro Shop: A White Man’s Burden: The Story of Jorge Moran or not?  Did the article describe your alleged encounter with racism at a Bass Pro Shop or not?  Let us continue.

“Shocked and outraged by the alleged incident that wasn’t directed at him personally but seemingly whispered to him as if he was a co-conspirator in a racist agenda” — Superman Is Dead & A White Savior Isn’t Needed

“Jorge:  I recently got my blood pressure up while I was in a Bass Pro Shop store (a large retail hunting fishing chain).  I was looking at getting another gun with a laser on it.  A very pretty young white female associate was helping me look at guns in the bass pro shop.  She was unusually helpful knowledgeable and personable.  We started talking about gun control when she shocked me by stating and I quote “I don’t think any (n-word inserted)” — Racism at Bass Pro Shop: A White Man’s Burden: The Story of Jorge Moran

Mr. Moran, if you meant for your statement about your blood pressure going up to be taken as literal and not as a metaphor for being angry or outraged, then I apologize and retract my statement in reference to that comment.  However, the article from the Examiner does quote you as being shocked; and the rest of my statement is an opinion.  Please note the words “seemingly” and “as if”, of which do not even imply fact but only an opinion.

“The article also describes actions that Mr. Moran choose to address with this injustice, some of his views on racism, and ends with a 7-step path that advises white folks on how to embrace “White Racial Responsibility”.  So folks, we can all now smoke the peace pipe while celebrating another victorious battle won in the fight against racism” — Superman Is Dead & A White Savior Isn’t Needed

“So I then said, there’s some black customers over there at the counter looking at some rifles let’s go ask them how they feel about your use of the word?  She started to walk away and I called her a racist and said, as a matter of fact I’m going to let them (the two male black customers about 60ft away) know what you said.  (Now she’s walking away and headed toward the back).  About that time one of the other white male associates walks up to me and tells me I need to calm down, I said, YOU calm down…watch this!  I walked over to the two black customers and told them the white female sales clerk who was just helping me used the n-word when referring to black people.  Trying help me calm down they told me I should just ignore it.  I said, fuck that I’m going to the store manager (they nodded their head showing support).  I then walked about another 60ft and saw a black female associate, I told her what happened and she requested that I report this.  I confirmed that’s what I wanted to do, so she kindly walked me to the front of the store where I saw another black female associate, I told her what happened and she said, oh my God are you going to report it?  I told her, fuck yes I’m going to report it.  She replied, oh my God my heart is just racing, thank you for letting them know.  I told her just try to relax that it would be ok.  During this time the white associates in the gun shop had been calling management to let them know I was telling black customers and black associates about what had happened.  A white female manager walks up and I told her about my experience with racism in her store, and instead of apologizing the manager says, that she can’t have me going around telling her employees what happened.  This manager had a defensive uncaring attitude, so I looked at her and I asked her, do you use that word?  She hesitated but said no, I then told her, that I don’t trust you or Bass Pro Shop.  So I walked away from the manager (the manager followed me) and I told another black male associate what had happened.  He just put his head down in disappointment.  The manager then said she would talk to the girl to get her side of the story.  I told her I’ll be calling corporate.  She replied, you’re going to call corporate?  (Her face suggesting there was no need) I said, yep and walked out” — Racism at Bass Pro Shop: A White Man’s Burden: The Story of Jorge Moran

“Included in the interview are links by Jorge and his own 7 Steps to White Racial Responsibility as he sees them” — Racism at Bass Pro Shop: A White Man’s Burden: The Story of Jorge Moran

Did the article on the Examiner describe the alleged act of racism or not?  Did it not describe your response to encountering the alleged event of not?  Did the article include your seven step method on advising white people how to embrace “White Racial Responsibility” or not?  If the article in the Examiner did not correctly report your alleged racial incident, Mr. Moran, then I suggest that you address them about it.  Everything I wrote thus far was based on what is reported as FACT within the article Racism at Bass Pro Shop: A White Man’s Burden: The Story of Jorge Moran.  If the aforementioned article is not based on facts, then please let me know so I can update my own article.

My second paragraph of my article begins with

“Except, that while reading the article I couldn’t help but envision Mr. Moran pull a quick change from ordinary civilian clothes to a red and blue spandex suit with an “S” on his chest and a flowing red cape fluttering from the air coming out of the store vents” — Superman Is Dead & A White Savior Isn’t Needed

My entire second paragraph describes an honest reaction while reading Racism at Bass Pro Shop: A White Man’s Burden: The Story of Jorge Moran.  It does not state or even imply, Mr. Moran that you actually own tights or a costume with an “S”.  It does not state or imply that that is actually how your alleged account of encountering racism at the Bass Pro Shop actually transpired.  It is merely me describing my opinion and personal reaction to reading Racism at Bass Pro Shop: A White Man’s Burden: The Story of Jorge Moran.

The third paragraph of my article begins with

“However, in my opinion, Mr. Moran stands in a line with other so-called white saviors that seek to address racism by putting on another yet “heroic” white face because for some reason people just don’t understand the magnitude and injustice of racism without a white face to validate the existence of racism within our society or to be able to put it into perspective”.

I did not state as a fact that you are a “white savior”.  I stated “in my opinion” and the rest of the paragraph is MY OPINION of you, which incidentally, has not changed.

Finally, the seven step method?  I did not direct my response directly toward you Mr. Moran.  However, I did present it to a general audience and I did state that “details my emotional reaction” to your seven step guide.  Emotional, as in not logical, MY emotional reaction, which is my own opinion, my own reaction.  Not yours, Mr. Moran or anyone else’s.  However, let’s discuss the seven step method of an individual that is claimed to be a friend of Mr. Moran.  The following is copied from Disqus comments on Racism at Bass Pro Shop: A White Man’s Burden: The Story of Jorge Moran:

Norven Real > Jasmin Chambers • a day ago
but the history of using the LAW to oppress? How about state sanctioned terrorism? You do know even today members of the police are card carrying KKK, yes? Why would I believe they would treat any person of color with fairness.  But you think they would? And you call him a moron? Seems to me he’s a very perceptive young man. Me on the other hand, my 7 steps are frightening to you. 1. Black people need to arm themselves and be prepared to defend yourself, if you run across any of these people posting negative on here, open fire on the family van. 2. find them (identify the enemy) 3. Isolate the ENTIRE family, using historical info as well as dna. 4. Put them in Internment camps or ENSLAVE them (they think slavery was so nice, give them a bite of that apple.) , we’ll pay you for it like you did the Asians if you survive. 5, 6, and 7 kill them aeach and every one of them, one by one on TV at 7:00pm, with a rebroadcast at 8:00am. It’s the only way to rid ourselves of this evil in our midst, which some people, like you haters CLEARLY show. You can listen to me or Jorge, eventually you will be dealt with”.

While I agree that all law-abiding American citizens of good mental health should arm and be prepared to defend themselves, irrespective of skin color and ethnic background, I am absolutely appalled that anyone could endorse a slaughter against anyone that does not agree with Mr. Moran, along with innocent family members.  When Mr. Norven states “family van”, I get the perspective that perhaps Mr. Norven is also endorsing slaughtering the innocent children and/or infants of the individuals that do not agree with Mr. Moran.  Then Mr. Norven follows with imprisoning and enslaving individuals that do not agree with Mr. Moran, isolating their families, conducting DNA tests and then slaughtering them on live television, again of anyone that does not agree with Mr. Moran.  Apparently, Mr. Norven has given these ideas a lot of thought.  He ends his statement with a threat to anyone that disagrees with Mr. Moran.  Either one agrees with Mr. Moran, or they will face Mr. Norven’s personal seven step method.

Mr. Moran, it is my opinion, that if you expected people to see your description of an alleged encounter with racism starring you as a good guy, then you are sadly mistaken.  IF you believe that others do not or cannot express an opinion of their own, whether that opinion reflects on you in a negative or positive light, then you are mistaken, Mr. Moran.  When was the last time that you read articles written by Black activists THAT DO NOT WANT YET ANOTHER WHITE PERSON CLAIMING TO BE AN ANTI-RACIST to be the poster child in the fight against discrimination and racism?  Here is an article to get you started:  No Thanks, I Don’t Want Tim Wise As An Ally.  Please note the comment in reference to Mr. Wise, that “this is a person who claims expertise on that which he does not live yet rejects criticism.  But rejecting criticism when you’re in a place of privilege is very dangerous especially when you do justice work.”  That most certainly sounds familiar, in my humble opinion, doesn’t it?

So please, Mr. Moran, point out anything that I stated was an actual fact when it was not a fact, without revealing my personal information or accessing my personal photos (that just has a stalker vibe to it, IN MY OPINION).  I realized that I made a mistake by not recognizing your name when someone of the same name as you that is friends on Facebook with a mutual friend of mine requested to be tagged in a personal photo.  I also realize the mistake I made when I attempted to only make a single post as public but somehow changed my Facebook account from private to public.  However, just because I leave my house unlocked does not mean that I give permission for someone to go through my underwear drawer and though what happened is in a different context, the violation still feels the same.  Especially considering the violent threats that many women receive on the internet.  My children and my family are innocent.  I would like to make sure that they are not included in this mess.  I would also like for my family and I not to be placed in personal danger.  I thank you in advance for your assistance in this matter.

Onyx Truth Contributor:  Star Seed

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