Why I Made My Commitment to Fighting Racial Injustice

Racism in 3D- Defense, Denial, and Delusion.

I personally learned about hate and prejudice first hand when I was a chubby little boy between the ages of 7 and 13.  I had people in my own family who were supposed to love me and protect me instead persecuted me and abused me to the point of being traumatized all because they didn’t want a fat person in their family.  I have overcome those scars, but it left me with the truth and reality of prejudice and elitism in our society.  This experience eventually sent me on the path to seeing the reality of our culture of white supremacy.  I learned that as white folks we do not live with the reality of racial injustice and abuse that people of color do.  We often don’t see people of color because we don’t have to or need to; our white supremacist culture and society is set up that way.  Too many of us are willfully ignorant to racism and racially apathetic because of the benefits and privileges of not having to live and deal with racial persecution and injustice.  Obviously that privilege gives us many benefits and advantages in our white supremacist structured society that we tend to cling to out of the fear and greed of losing it.  Modern racism is in 3D- defense, denial, and delusion.  We often put up ridiculous defenses and and create powerful blinders to racism.  We even embrace color blindness and the notion of not talking about racism as a means to hide and run from its reality.  Our silence, our disbelief, our defense and our denial is racism’s greatest support system and it’s fuel.  The 3D’S are racism’s enablers which makes us guilty of maintaining and supporting racism and therefore complicit with it.

The 6 Steps to White Racial Responsibility.  (As I see them)

  1. FIND THE MORAL TRUTH AND COURAGE by first realizing we white people are the privileged beneficiaries of slavery and from our culture of systemic and endemic white supremacy.  Then we must learn to let go of our greed and fear that keeps us irrationally clinging to the dominant position, privileges and benefits that white supremacy has given us — in order that we may put behind us our years of cultural white supremacist training, thought, and values by facing the very hard uncomfortable reality about ourself, our race, our culture, and our country.
  2. COME TO A PLACE emotionally, intellectually, and consciously free of the white bias frame in which we view people of color.
  3. LISTEN, LEARN, AND BELIEVE what people of color are saying about their life racially in America.
  4. REACH OUT to people of color through simple, sincere, and genuine friendships that are free of white supremacist notions and biases.
  5. ACT on your new racially unbiased truth and reality, by speaking up and providing accountability when you witness other whites, establishments or institutions speaking, behaving, or performing in a white supremacist manner.
  6. PASS IT ON by telling and sharing your new racially unbiased truth and reality, with your white friends, family and co-workers.


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Onyx Truth Contributor: J. E. Moran
Illustration Credit: Clay Bennett

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