Why I Made My Commitment to Fighting Racial Injustice

“Being white means never having to think about it.” ~ James Baldwin

If I am too be honest my best friend on earth was always my amazing mom who suffered from paranoid schizophrenia.  But I never saw her as handicapped or disabled because of her love that she showed me and my sister overshadowed everything else about her.  Me and my sister literally shared a thousand laughs with my mom.  My saddest day on earth is when she died on 4-9-2012.

The proudest I’ve ever been of my country was when Obama was elected president, yes I actually cried like a baby.  Lol.

My most important day on earth is when I was 28yrs old and my first girlfriend told me that “she loved me”.  She didn’t know it then but her words at that moment literally and instantly healed 10yrs of struggling with clinical depression and hopeless loneliness.  Because of childhood abuse that I had endured, I did not believe I was worthy of a woman’s romantic love.  It was this day my ugliest demons died.

I was 19yrs old when the 2nd most important day of my life happened.  On that day suddenly like a rock falling out sky, it hit me as to why I had been abused as a child and then again bullied and persecuted my freshman year in college almost to the point of a nervous breakdown.  It was simply because of prejudice that was directly linked to elitism.  With that realization I made a pact with myself that I would never accept prejudice in my heart and mind.  That I would not be programmed by my environment.  That I would never allow myself to be a victim of prejudice again.  Which led to my passion for fighting racism and prejudice.

So what I have learned in my years studying race is largely about dual realities.  Most white people will absolutely experience racism once or twice in there lifetime.  Most black people experience racism on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis.  I’ve even heard some cases on an hourly basis.  People of color are potentially a victim of racism with every passing moment throughout life.

 “Throughout history, it has been the inaction of those who could have acted; the indifference of those who should have known better; the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most; that has made it possible for evil to triumph.” ~ Haile Selassie

No truer words have ever been spoken.  So I believe us white folks need to take some racial responsibility.  I believe we all need to act morally responsible by clearing out and rejecting our culture of toxic racial apathy, arrogance, denial, and fear in regards to dealing with race.  We have to all look in the mirror and own up to the ubiquitous, endemic, and insidious disease called white supremacy that our culture created and desperately clings to simply out of greed and fear.  We have to each face the hard truth that our country and people created a great evil called white supremacy out of the love of money and power in order that our white race could thrive at the abuse, expense, exploitation, and detriment of people of color.

One of the first lessons black and brown folks learn is why it’s wrong to prejudge, stereotype, hate, and discriminate based on skin color.  Black folks learn this lesson early in life, often without choice.  Black supremacy is not part of black culture or American culture; it never has been in this country.  However very obviously and very unfortunately, white supremacy is a large part of white culture.  Many white folks that have trouble coping, facing, or admitting that white supremacy is a reality in our culture will often turn to fantasizing that black folks suffer from the same.

It’s called white racial projecting and deflecting.

Dysfunction is the price for hanging onto racist notions.  Racism comes in three primary types:  ignorant, willfully ignorant, and overt.  No matter which type when we and/or our families cling to the deceitfully popular and cultural traditions of racism, (and yes even a little bit of racism counts) we have also unknowingly snuggled up with a sophisticated cycle of dysfunction.  A dysfunction so profound and sophisticated that it can systematically destroy every dynamic of you and your family’s relationship.  It’s simply impossible to live out lies in peace.  To try to live up to the lies of supremacy forces yourself and yours not only into hate and prejudice externally (toward others) but ultimately internal self-hate.  You will become Prejudice toward your own and your very self.  Your imperfections and inability to operate on a superior level will become magnified of yourself and of those you are supposed to love.  You may find that your love of yourself and others is based up on conditions that stem from your faith in prejudice.  You will push others away because of control issues, gross insecurities, and obsessive disorders to the point of personal utter chaos and misery.  Throw away your inherited and taught racism and find a more significantly functional and peaceful life.

White privilege does not mean white people don’t have problems.  It means there are certain areas in life where we white folks have less obstacles and many more benefits than people of color.  Yes, we all struggle in life no matter what shade or background.  But if you have white skin, you and I are living in a country that was designed exclusively for white folks.  As a white race we reap benefits, socially, politically, institutionally, economically, and psychologically.  So is it just and moral to ignore the injustice people of color have to face because we are greedy and irrationally scared of losing our benefiting positions we have?  I say it’s better for everybody if we live on the side of justice, morality, and truth.  So to do that first we have to see color; to not see people of color is to deny their reality of having to deal with racism.  Most of us would absolutely not turn a blind eye to a murder, rape, theft, domestic abuse or child abuse?  So why do we so often turn a blind eye to racism?  Because we were indoctrinated, conditioned and taught to, it’s that simple.  Basically white America is and has been under a crisis of racial:  entitlement, apathy, denial, narcissism, delusion, privilege, and immorality.  Until We as a People begin to seriously reject the symptoms of our culture of 400 years of endemic and systemic white supremacist values and training…we are doomed to repeat it.  As white people we can not progress out of our white supremacist culture until we take ownership of the racism that our culture created.

No one is suggesting guilt.  Just racial responsibility and empathy.

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Onyx Contributor: J. E. Moran
Illustration Credit: Clay Bennett

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