“Fuxx It, I Quit” — Charlo Greene

“Fuxx It, I Quit” — Charlo Greene

Charlo Greene, a news reporter for KTVA 11 News in Anchorage, Alaska went on to fulfill every person’s ultimate wet dream who has ever worked a 9 to 5 by going on live TV and nonchalantly reciting these words…

Seriously, who hasn’t fantasized about finally coming to a moment of complete clarity in your life as to where you just drop everything you’ve professionally worked for in order to pursue something in life more meaningful & fulfilling to you on a deeper level?  We all do it!  Hell, most of us probably spend our entire work day daydreaming about just telling our boss to fuck himself.  I have a fake mistletoe sitting in my desk so if the day ever comes to where I decide to quit, I plan on taping that mistletoe to back of my pants so everyone can kiss my ass as I stroll out of the door to never return.  Sounds good right?  It’s like daydreaming about hitting the lottery.

Here’s the problem…

Most of you reading this will NEVER just up & quit your job…PERIOD.  The majority of you will continue to work at a job you hate in order to keep your paycheck coming so that you can sustain your current lifestyle.  Nothing wrong with that at all.  Grown people have to do what grown people have to do, especially if there are children added to the equation.  But here is the real issue I have with a lot of people & this is the reason I respect Charlo Greene’s decision to quit (I don’t necessarily agree with the way she quit, she could have been more tactful & respectful); a lot of people do not have a single desire beyond the dream of earning more money that is strong enough for them to compromise all they have currently worked towards.  Most people are just aimlessly cruising on autopilot in the never-ending rat race just to survive.  The rat race is applicable to all levels of financial earnings from poverty to extreme riches.  Most people just simply do not possess a dream they deem worthy of pursuing, even on a small scale.  And truthfully, that is extremely saddening to me.

Please understand that I am in no way advocating for you all to just quit your jobs in order to pursue your long overdue fantasy of becoming the next big rapper…especially if your ass is over the age of 30 and have yet to step foot inside of a professional recording studio.  I am saying, besides trying to fatten up your bank account, what in the fuck actually motivates you in life?  What is that you would be willing to do for free & go for broke pursuing because deep down inside you believe with all of your being that THIS is what you were born to do?  I’m sure it’s plenty of you out there that have some talent or an amazing skill set that you do naturally without even thinking twice about it, but you probably can’t imagine yourself doing it beyond your personal amusement for somebody else even if it earns you zero dollars.  Seriously, what is it that you can do or what is it that you feel so passionate about that would sacrifice everything for the pursuit of?

So while everyone is helping Charlo Greene and her “Fuck it, I quit” video go viral, most people will only continue to publicly cheer her on via social media.  Most people will be typing comments, updating their statuses, and tweeting about how bold she is & how much of an inspiration she is to just drop everything, but these same people would not even dare do what she did by quitting their job in order to follow their hearts (unless their current job is their passion).  The drive & determination are just not there.  People love to get high off of the fantasy but once they sober up, the bitch slap from reality wakes them the fuck back up.  Those who DO go on to quit their jobs to pursue their passions, often times those are the people who have been diligently putting a plan together for quite some time until it got to the point that the plan was demanding action beyond writing new ideas down in a book.  Those are typically the people who aren’t so afraid to say fuck it because they at least have some type of idea of what their next move should be even if they are uncertain of the outcome.  Those people are the risk takers, those people usually go on to change the world, & those are the people most of you end up working for in the long run.

So, in the end, which person are you?  The dreamer stuck in the rat race without a plan cheering those on who exit the race?  Or are you the budding risk taker who has a mediocre plan, no real sense of what direction the plan may actually go, but the vision of your dream is too powerful to not at the least put some honest effort into genuinely pursuing?

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