If I Ever Had To Hit A Woman…This Would Be Why

If I Ever Had To Hit A Woman…This Would Be Why

There has been A LOT of headlines surrounding domestic violence & child abuse this week.  It seems like everybody’s skeletons about abuse are just falling out of the closet as of lately.  And this is a good thing of course, to a degree.  It is good in that it helps to shine a light on these very real problems that a lot of people just do not talk about even though so many people are affected by these types of abuses (and other abuses) every single day.

But what I want to talk about pertains to domestic abuse and some of you out there reading this are going to agree with me & some of you are going to vehemently disagree with me.  But it is what it is….

I want to talk about this picture below…

This is the picture of a woman named Dalishia Salter and her 11 month old son along with text messages she sent to the father of her child, David Bryant.  Dalishia Salter beat the shit out of her 11 month old son & then put him outside in his car seat in the cold next to her garbage can for the child’s father to eventually find.  Here is a video of the father coming home to discover his child outside in the cold & beaten by his own mother…pay special attention to the mother as she says “I don’t care, I’ll fucking kill him.”

Next, here is an online petition advocating for the release of David Bryant because Dalishia Salter told the authorities that the child’s father pushed a flat screen television off the bedroom dresser which ended up striking the child.

If there was ever a time a woman DESERVED to have her ass beat by a man…THIS WOULD BE THAT TIME!

I’m a father.  I have an 8 year old son & my wife is currently pregnant with our second son.  Watching this video, seeing the injuries done to this child, & hearing the father’s pain for the atrocities committed against his son just literally tore me up.  All I kept thinking about was my son & my unborn son.  My oldest son was a premature baby weighing in at 3lbs when he was born.  He was in the neonatal intensive care unit for 2 weeks before he fattened up enough to take home.  Those were quite possibly the longest 2 weeks of my life.

I for the life of me just could not imagine being in that father’s shoes coming home to discover my son tossed outside in the cold near the trash after being beaten by his own mother.  I know some of you out there do not believe in hitting a woman at all, but I’m sorry, I would have ended up breaking down the door & beating the shit out of the mother of my child if I was in that man’s situation.  I probably would have been going to jail that night.  The love I have for my son, my emotions would have overrode all logic in my brain to the point where I just would not have been able to control myself.  Honestly, I really do not give a fuck how any of you feel about hitting a woman in this instance.  I would have completely lost it.  Yes, I understand by me possibly losing it in that instance I would have ended up sacrificing my freedom & the time I need to be with my son…but shit, just put yourself in David Bryant’s position.  I give David Bryant all of the credit in the world for not just flat out killing the mother of his child & showing what appears to be deliberant restraint on his behalf for not causing serious bodily harm to her.  I just don’t believe I could have controlled myself.

Lesson to all…

I don’t know David Bryant nor do I know Dalishia Salter.  I have not the slightest clue as to who these two people were when they first met or who they were prior to these events with their child taking place.  All I can say in regards to this for you all is to be extremely careful with whom you decide to lay up with & bring a child into this world.  I currently have absolutely no clue as to what would make this mother do this to her own child, but people need to be extremely careful in selecting a mate to bear children with.  We’ve always lived in a world full of fucked up & deranged people, it’s just that now with social media & 24 hour news cycles, these crazy fucks are being exposed more & more to the public at large.  But for David Bryant to maintain his “cool” to the degree he did while recording the entire encounter shows he’s mentally on a higher plane than I would be if I ever found myself in that situation.  I just for the life of me could not imagine being in that situation & not killing someone.  Such a tragedy this situation is.

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