Vertasha & Mary Carter Hoax

Vertasha & Mary Carter Hoax

The internet has literally become the one place in the entire world where people can post whatever the fuck they want without any real fear of facing repercussions for their actions.  Case in point…


The picture above was posted on a website by the name of STUPPID (stupid is probably the BEST name this site could have ever picked).  The picture describes this twisted, sickening, incestuous relationship between a mother & her daughter.  The article this picture was attached to went viral across the internet in a matter of hours.

Here is the origin of the REAL PICTURE of these two women:


The picture of this mother & daughter originated on a photography blog site called Art, Beauty And Other Mysteries as a promotional image for an up & coming Mother’s Day photography campaign.  The important aspect about this particular article on that website is the timestamp….that article was posted 2 years ago.

Here’s the thing…

We live in a society where you no matter how extremely careful you are when it comes to posting images or sharing a status update, there will always be some dumb fuck out there looking to twist someone’s words or manipulate someone’s image for a bunch of LIKES, retweets, & giggles.  We have devolved into a culture that is fixated on the shock & awe of the lives of other people regardless of if whether or not the shock & awe are even real.  We have become a society so easily duped by the shit we see on the internet that even with access to all of the information in the world literally sitting in our hands courtesy of our SMART phones, overall people are just getting dumber & dumber by the second.

But the biggest tragedy is purposely spreading lies intentionally about innocent people just so your website or your social media presence can get some attention.  For a person to go out of their way to google a picture of a mom & daughter, then concoct some wild story about incest…THEN for all of the countless idiots residing on social to contribute to the story going viral without even giving it a second thought just proves how fucked up this society has become.  This further proves that no one is safe on the internet.  It used to be that just celebrities were subject to being targets of internet hoaxes, but now everyday average people are being attacked…and unfortunately it is worse for the everyday average person.  The everyday average person does not possess the power of celebrity to combat any type of rumors against them, so every other average person who discovers these hoaxes are more than likely to believe this shit without second guessing it.  The everyday average person these hoaxes are committed against then have to go through life as the victim of said hoax with everyone who knows about the hoax looking at them in a suspect type of way.  Essentially this is the next level of someone turning a picture of you into a meme that goes viral.  We see these memes all across social media of some random person caught in an awkward pose in a picture & somebody out there turns that pic into a meme & the next thing you know there are countless memes circulating featuring that person.  Now these people have forever been immortalized on the internet in a not so pleasing way.

In the end, we can’t save the world & shit like this is likely to happen on regular basis in the future I predict.  But as far as this particular mother & daughter are concerned, I’m willing to bet that a lawsuit for defamation of character can be brought up against the website STUPPID for basically contributing to destroying the image of these two women.  The photographer who actually shot the original image could possibly sue that website as well for the illegal use of a copyrighted image.

Don’t think a lawsuit is possible?  Have you ever seen this picture below?  It’s called the “confused girl meme“.

The female in this pic brought up a lawsuit against Instagram for $500M (though I highly doubt she will ever see any of that money due to Instagram’s Terms & Conditions).  But if the “confused girl” ever discovers who originally “memed” her, then she could possibly sue that individual.  As for this mother/daughter situation above, they could quite possibly have a legitimate reason to sue being that I highly doubt they voluntarily loaned STUPPID their image in order to be associated with such a disgusting story.

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