Raising Young’uns

I will now voice my opinion on a slightly touchy subject.  This is my disclaimer.  I do not condone excessive force when punishing a child.  I do not condone cruelty towards children.  HOWEVER, I do condone beating that ass when a child acts like a little fucking heathen.

Let us start with a historical reference of sorts, “The rod and reproof give wisdom:  but a child left to himself bringeth his mother to shame.”  Proverbs 23:14.  (King James Version) Yes, I went biblical there.  However, stay with me for a second.  Even in the good old KJV, they speak of the importance of punishing bad behavior.  Now, I am merely using this as a reference since said verse was written well before any of us were born.  So clearly, kids were assholes back then also.  Now, let us move to present day.  Adrian Petersen is being charged with child abuse for punishing his child using a switch.  I do not know all the facts nor do I care to, as it is none of my damn business.  All I know is that as a parent, he deemed his method appropriate to reconcile that particular infraction.  So…WHO THE FUCK ARE WE TO QUESTION THAT?  Why is it any of your damn business as to what he does to punish his child?  He does not want his child to grow up to be some fucking thug in the street slinging dope and doing dumb shit.  Where is he at fault?  So let us move to a more general realm.

We, as a society, have become a bunch of pussies.  There, I said it.  If it offends you, well then you are probably part of the problem.  Yes, some children respond to time-outs, grounding, and all that jazz.  If that works for you, GREAT!  Do not stick your nose in my life when I spank my child in public for acting out.  Because like I just said, it is MY child.  You surely were not there when she was made, nor were you there when she was born.  You are not there when she is sick, lying on my chest all night because that is where she is comfortable.  Lastly, you are not there when she acts like a little asshole.  So stay the fuck out of my Kool-Aid.  I can promise you my child will not grow up to be a disrespectful little cunt unlike some people.  I am not saying she is going to be perfect but she will know right from wrong.  If you see me spank my child in public, get over it.  When you pay for her livelihood and care for her 24/7, then you can open your fucking cock holster.

Now, do not confuse this as me saying I am better than you are.  (Secretly I know that already) I know what works for me.  However, as I said before, we are a bunch of pansies.  I have heard terrifying stories of my uncles being “whooped” as children.  They came out normal as can be.  Assuming you can consider them normal.  Their generation and those before them produced some of the greatest minds in history.  Hell, an entire generation went to war (World War II) and essentially brushed it off, came home, and went right back to work as if they had done nothing more than gone on vacation.  Guess what?  They all had their asses beat as children and they still came out fine.  They were mentally hardened, self-motivated, productive members of the global community.  I see at least 10-15 WW2, Korea, or Vietnam veterans daily that still contribute to our society in some way.  Yet, there are people my age that cannot hold a fucking job at McDonald’s for more than a week and still want to raise minimum wage because they feel like the “deserve” it.  GO FUCK YOURSELF!  I bet if your parents had beat the shit out of you with a bag of fucking oranges you would not be such a bunch of lackadaisical half-wits that have no life aspirations.  The lack of discipline and acceptance of mediocrity by young generations, IN MY OPINION, is due to a severe lack of punishment and discipline.  I see new soldiers come into the Army daily that seem to think we should give them everything.  Here is a message to those types of people, GO FUCK YOURSELF WITH A CACTUS!

In closing, stop allowing your kids to be little assholes.  They do not need medication.  They are rambunctious because…wait for it…THEY ARE FUCKING KIDS!  Maybe if you pulled the iPhone out of your asshole and paid attention you would know that.  It is not ADD, ADHD, or however you want to self-diagnose your kid.  It is most likely a lack of discipline and structure in their life.  If you took the time to pay attention to your kids you would understand how they function, then you can figure out how to shape them into non-shitheads.  Why do kids shoot up schools and kill themselves?  I can almost guarantee a big part of it is due to a disengaged parent.  Therefore, do the world a favor and stop being a sperm or egg donor and fucking be a parent.

Just a guy with some years on him that calls it like I see it. My opinions my be offensive to some and funny to others. My goal is not to offend but to create asymmetric thought. So, if you're offended...oh well. Maybe you deserved it.
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