Cee Lo Green Is An Idiot

Cee Lo Green Is An Idiot

It always saddens me to a point when I discover celebrities whose work I’ve admired over the years turn out to be completely clueless idiots.  I’ve been a fan of Cee Lo Green since way way back in the day.  Now, I could probably give a damn if I hear his music again regardless of how good the song is and here is the reason why:

“If someone is passed out they’re not even WITH you consciously!  so WITH implies consent” — Cee Lo Green tweet

This is why Cee Lo Green is an idiot.

Back in 2012 Cee Lo allegedly spiked a 33 year-old woman’s drink with MDMA at a Los Angeles restaurant.  Later the woman stated she woke up naked in his hotel room with no recollection of the night before.  No charges were filed against Cee Lo due to lack of evidence, BUT Cee Lo had previously been caught on tape talking about the case & admitting to possession of the drug.  Now fast forward to the present, we have the above tweet.  When I read that tweet I immediately thought about OJ Simpson & his infamous book If I Did It (OJ…nigga you did it).  I’m thinking to myself, no charges were pressed against you & now here you are talking about how a situation is not wrong…yet this is the same situation that landed you in trouble to begin with.  How fucking clueless can you be?  How out of touch does money & fame allow someone to become or was he always this misguided since the beginning, yet fooled everyone due to his singing & rapping skills?

I honestly had this long ass article I was going to write as it pertains to addressing sexual assault, date rape drugs, & rape culture and tie it all into this whole Cee Lo Green story.  But the willful ignorance this clown chooses to display as it relates to his views on what constitutes rape is literally blowing my mind right now to the point where I can’t even collect my thoughts properly.  Fortunately for you Onyx Truth readers out there, we have a writer by the name of Natalina who has thoroughly explained this in a previous article probably way better than I could as it relates to Cee Lo Green and his twisted views on what constitutes rape which you can read HERE.

Now I’m not calling Cee Lo Green a rapist, but he is a fucking idiot for letting that delusional thought escape his mind to find its way onto Twitter for countless women to read & look at him with the “DID THIS NIGGA JUST REALLY SAY THAT SHIT….OH HELL NO!” face.  Money, fame & no brains…a dangerous combination.

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