Survival of a Species

I am not too sure how to start this one so I will just dive right in.  Humans irritate the shit out of me.  Even some of the crap I do irritates me.  The overwhelming mass of “do-gooders” in the world makes me sick.  Now, this is not to say that I do not care about my fellow man or that I am unsympathetic to good causes, but let us get real people, sometimes nature needs to run its course.  For instance, the World Health Organization or WHO.

Here is a little background on the group for those who do not know.  Created back in 1948, it was charged with monitoring and intervening when necessary in the health issues of the world.  Simple enough right.  Well here is where I start to sound like a prick.  The world is getting crowded.  Like, really crowded.  Food prices have spiked in recent years, food shortages plague many countries, and epidemics have become a regular thing.  Ebola is a recent example here.  Yet the world seems hell bent on saving everyone.  To this, I say, “Why save every last person on earth?”  Nature works in a mysterious way.  Some know about it.  It is called evolution.  (I am forgoing the religious side of this because it is not my cup of tea.)  As humans, we have always tried to play God and control things.  WHO takes this to an extreme.  They feel that we should eradicate all those nasty little bugs and spent $5 BILLION on this in 2009 alone.  Not to mention their $300 million deficit in 2013.  So keep that in the recesses of your mind.  The world is spending billions every year to try to stop nature.  Now remember, we as a species have survived roughly 200,000 years.  I can imagine that we did not have the best health care in 193,000 B.C.E.  Yet here we are.  Still chugging along eating up resources like termites in a log cabin.  Yet our population is now so grandiose that in roughly 200 years we have grown by 6 billion.  That is a metric fuck-ton of people.  So why are we so hell bent on saving everyone?  I am not completely sure on this one obviously, because even I suffer from it every now and again.  Obviously, I would do everything I could to save my family, but I firmly believe in nature having a course to run.  I do immunize, but I also let my child get sick when nature outsmarts me.  It helps build an immune system that will help her later.  This is where I guess I am going with this.  We need to let nature do its job.  If starving people in Africa cannot find food or water, then so be it.  Same thing in America, Panama, China, or whatever country you throw out there.  If they are not strong enough to find it or resource it, then let nature claim them and a new, stronger version fill the gap.  If they get sick and are not strong enough to fight it off, same thing.  It is sad and part of me weeps when I see a person pass because they cannot fight a terrible condition, but we as a species cannot continue to survive while trying to cling to every soul on the planet.  This leads me to my next point.  Breeding.

Birth control is a very touchy subject.  I am dead certain someone is going to read this and call me an animal or the anti-Christ, but let me clear any confusion.  I DO NOT FUCKING CARE.  I am not advocating abortion and I am not against it.  I do believe there are times where it is acceptable, I believe there are times it is most certainly not.  I also believe it is not any of my fucking business unless it directly relates to me on a personal level.  So to all you nut-job, bible thumpers that sit outside planned parenthood harassing people, go fuck yourself, I hope you get hit by a bus, and no I will not donate to your cause because you’re just a nosy pretentious dick weed.  However, I digress.  If a person is raped and they are not willing or capable of dealing with that particular type of aftermath, that is on them.  If they make a shitty decision and are knocked up, and again are unwilling or incapable of being a sufficient parent, then it is on them.  I would rather a person incapable of being a parent for whatever reason not add to the already overwhelmed foster/adoption system than to create another ward of the state that consumes more tax payer dollars because they are too lazy or stupid to take care of a child.  I believe that if a person wants birth control they should never be denied it since they are taking an active role in the decision-making process and health insurance should never deny them this, especially since it would reduce clearly unwanted medical costs to both parties.  I think anyone charged of rape, child molestation, or any sexual crime should be physically castrated with bolt cutters and/or disposed of with extreme prejudice.

On the topic of the justice system.  How do we alleviate costs and overpopulation?  Simple, if they are sentenced to death….FUCKING KILL THEM!  Do not let them sit there for 30 years until they get to the point where they are going to die anyway.  Do it as soon as freaking possible.  Alternatively, help alleviate the Defense budget by using them as targets for weapons training.  Inhumane you say.  No, logical.  Why waste perfectly good cannon fodder?  Life sentences? Gone.  You just told them they were going to stay in prison until they die.  What is the difference between that and the death sentence?  Everybody tracking?

We keep catering to the lowest common denominator in society.  If a person cannot comprehend that he should not put his hand in a blender while it is running….FUCK’EM!  Let stupid work itself out.  Take warning labels, within reason, off shit and let nature do its thing.  Oh, I shouldn’t look down the barrel of a howitzer while it is being loaded?  Well shit, there goes my face.  I let my child do dumb shit because that is how humans tend to learn.  Mistakes allow you to learn common sense.  Go ahead; touch the stove I was just using.  I bet you won’t do that again.  You fell off a swing because you were acting like a moron?  Now you know.

Just to clarify, I am not an uncaring asshole.  You may think so, but I do have some fucks to give in appropriate situations.  I care about our species surviving another 200,000 years.  I do not want to see us turn into a pack of bumbling idiots that can do nothing more than troll Facebook and watch Kim Kardashian act like a dumb twat.  Let nature do its thing every now and then and I can almost guarantee that we will have a more hardy population. This is just my opinion though.


Just a guy with some years on him that calls it like I see it. My opinions my be offensive to some and funny to others. My goal is not to offend but to create asymmetric thought. So, if you're offended...oh well. Maybe you deserved it.
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