They Should Have Never Gave You Knee Grows Facebook!!

They Should Have Never Gave You Knee Grows Facebook

In the never ending quest to attain the most LIKES in the world of social media, knee grows are getting bolder, more dangerous, & even dumber as they pursue their fantasies of achieving infamy.  Every other day there is some ridiculousness popping up in my Facebook feed showing some dumb ass taking on the latest & greatest social media challenge.  Recently one particular challenge REALLY caught my attention & I honestly could not believe what I was watching….some dumb ass nigga by the name of Dread’Head Kelly out of Charlotte, NC decided to set himself on fire…

The extreme measures some people are willing to go in order to gain attention have reached a whole new height…muthafuckas are LITERALLY setting themselves on fire.  The fuck is wrong with these niggas?!  And THEN the nigga has the nerve to get mad at people clowning his dumb ass…



Back when I was a teen…

Back when I was a teenager in the 90s, we did plenty of dumb shit (not to this level tho).  But the major difference between all of the dumb shit my generation did compared to all of the dumb shit this generation is doing is this:  we didn’t have cellphones capable of recording video, we barely had access to the internet, & most importantly, there was no such thing as social media.  So all of the dumb shit we did as teens for the most part is only a memory locked away safely in a few people’s minds who were there to witness the event.  Nowadays, dumb niggas CAN’T WAIT to broadcast to the world how ignorant they can be all the while probably not fully comprehending that once this dumb shit hits the web, it’s there….FOREVER.  But hey, maybe this is how some people want to be remembered when they die.  I can see one of these dumb niggas headstones reading:
Remember that dumb nigga with the dreads from Charlotte, NC who purposely lit himself on fire so he can achieve the coveted social media fame of yesteryear?  Well, that dumb nigga is resting in peace here.  He lived a good life & fulfilled his ultimate dreams of becoming Facebook popular…way to go dumb nigga.  Way to go.

Lessons to be learned

Let’s just keep it 100….besides not setting yourself on fire, there is no lesson to be learned.  Well if you are reading this & are black, there is one lesson to be learned:

Don’t become the next dumb nigga seeking social media fame.

Your favorite mulatto.
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