Immigration Reform: How Important Is It Really?

Right now the Obama administration is in  a bit of a situation concerning immigration.  Fox News reports that money is running short and the administration will be out of money by next month.  Not only are they running out of money but they are also running out of facilities to house the migrants.  The worse part is that last week the money required was quoted at $2B, now the price is quoted at $3.7B.  What the hell went on in a week?  Even worse than that Janet Napolitano (Obama Administration) turned down $4B that was granted to protect the border before.  She announced that they were not going to go through with the border plan.  I am sure that definitely played a factor in what took place.  They are also talking about moving the illegals that are already here to other parts of the country.  It has been proposed multiple times to have the National Guard secure the border.  The response to that is, our government doesn’t want to make it look like a military action at the border.  The government also sees it as a policing type of action.  That reminds me of what I know to be as Einstein’s definition of insanity.

May 10, 2011 in El Paso, TX President Obama made a joke concerning securing the border.  The joke may have been funny then but, now as much as he is trying to hide it, he is eating his own words.  You have to pay attention or give a shit to eat your words.  By September it is expected that 90,000 illegals will have crossed our border this year.

Apparently no one is paying attention to what is going on here.  The number of illegals that have crossed the border has doubled in the last year.  The situation on the border is identified as a border crisis and the President calls it a border situation.  President Obama went to three different fund raisers instead of inspecting the border that he wants $3.7B to protect.  That equals about $67,000 per child that came illegally.  Did anyone else notice that’s more than most people earn annually?  My issue is, there is too much stuff going on in this country.  Why does it seem as though the illegals are more important than our own people.

President Obama has blatantly turned a blind eye to what is going on with native born Americans for years at this point but, now all of a sudden billions of dollars are sunk on illegals.  You want to cut defense spending and you want to reduce the amount of service members defending this country.  Look at the amount of homeless that are out there.  How many homeless shelters could be built for $3.7B?  Conversely it would cost $8M to send the illegals back to their home countries.  Housing these illegal minors is costing the American taxpayers $252 a day (I wonder if I can claim that on my taxes).  The government is paying $1000 a day.  They are even thinking about using military facilities for housing and medical treatment which is complete and total garbage.  These kids are getting first dibs on things that are established for the native born men and women of the U.S. who have put their lives on the line to the defense of this country.  Now these people are coming over the border with a hope in one hand a prayer in the other.

I will grant you that these are children and they shouldn’t be subject to what they suffered in the country of origin they are coming from.  However, they should have never been sent over here in the first place.  How much more do we have to do for the rest of the world.  We donate hundreds of millions of dollars to Central American countries annually.  What else do we have to do for them?  There are laws that send immigrants right back to their home country.  The Wilberforce Bill says that no one is entitled to go before a judge if they come over illegally.  They get turned around and sent back across the border.  None of this is necessary under constitutional law.  The change to the bill that the President made only allows children who are by themselves are entitled to see the judge.  Everyone else is supposed to be turned around, to include children with adults.   Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with immigrants but go through process of coming to the US legally.

The excuse that the President has is he isn’t interested in any photo op.  However, what about the selfie he did at Mandela’s funeral, appearances on Ellen and Jimmy Fallon,  posing with Olympic gymnast Maroney, posing with Jay-Z, posing with Lebron James, and the twitter homage to Rosa Parks?  Honestly there’s a lot more photo ops than that.  Not to tell you your job, but that’s apparently the responsibility of the Republic party. I have to say this situation as you put it is in no way a photo op.  However, he received plenty of publicity for being at that charity event in Texas 500 miles away.

In the end immigration has been an issue in this country for a long long time.  Under the Obama Administration, the first issue was addressed in 2011, but it was handled in a laissez -faire manner.  Now it has blown up in our faces and we’re paying dearly for it.  The government is taking money from it’s own citizens, but they find money for people who come here illegally, people who apparently shouldn’t be here anyway.  If they won’t go through the proper channels to get here just like all the other immigrants with papers, then they don’t deserve to be here in the US.

Onyx Contributor:  R.L. Knight

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