Dusty Chick Lifestyle

Dusty Chick Lifestyle

In the never ending quest to achieve fame, notoriety, or simply to rack up a bunch of LIKES; one thing I’m beginning to notice more frequently online are dusty chicks.  Every time I peruse social media my timeline is becoming flooded with dusty ass looking women.  These are not necessarily women whom I’m “friends” with.  Unfortunately some of my other “friends” are LIKING these dusty chicks’ pics which causes these images to pop up in my timeline thereby ruining my brief 15 – 30 minutes of social media surfing pleasure I allocate for myself daily.  The days of seeing random beauties here & there are quickly fading away & are being rapidly replaced with bottom of the barrel wenches.

What is a dusty chick?

A few people as of lately have been asking me as to what exactly is a dusty chick.  It’s really quite simple.  A dusty chick is simply a woman who doesn’t really appear to take much pride in her appearance which thereby causes me to question how much pride she may actually take in herself when it comes to matters of hygiene.  Most dusty chicks I see online typically have one thing going for themselves, a fat ass.  But once you get past the initial shock & awe of the fat ass & begin to further investigate the overall image, even that fat ass begins to look dusty & in dire need of some lotion.  After you migrate past the ass, you begin to notice other things about these dusty chicks such as:  fucked up lace fronts, bad acne, horrible teeth, nails not done nicely, section 8 background decorations, & a whole host of other shit that makes me shake my head.  It’s as if women are just in this “fuck it” mode where they don’t give a damn, because in their mind all they care about are men hopefully being blinded by the ass…and sad to say, a lot of knee grows are blinded, but they are typically dusty ass knee grows their damn selves.

The major issue I have with dusty women is the apparent pride factor they have in celebrating what appears to be a dusty lifestyle.  Not only do they live out their dusty fantasies online, but they joyfully bring the dustiness into the real world everywhere they go as if this is the norm.  Maybe being dusty is the norm…please let me be wrong tho.  Back in the day when I was in the streets & living that club life, the only places where men could expect to find dusty women were at the hole-in-the-wall clubs or at some swap meet of sorts.  Nobody was shocked.  It was a “it is what it is” type of vibe when you frequented a place of that nature.  Now, when I step out every now & then, I just see a bunch of women that act as if they honestly do not care about how they look.  Most of these women are younger women mind you.  So it could be a generational thing of sorts as well.  Most women in my age bracket that I come across tend to take care of themselves & maintain some set of standards.  These young women just nonchalantly promote that “welfare looking life” as if that is truly the business.

Here’s what I think is the problem.

If you’ve been reading any articles I’ve written on my website then you should be quite familiar with me blaming social media on damn near everything.  The dusty chick lifestyle is no exception.  A lot of young women these days are so fixated on becoming popular online simply based off of their physical features that they probably could give a damn about maintaining traditional beauty standards.  Their standards are rooted in how big their ass may look to a bunch of horny broke ass dusty dudes on social media.  These women will post picture after picture, day after day with the sole focus of the shot strictly on their ass.  What a lot of these women understand but will probably never admit is, these women know damn well that they have nothing of any real value to offer to a guy other than the illusion of a fat ass on social media.  Most of these women probably can’t clean worth a damn; all you have to do is peep the miscellaneous shit in the background.  Most of these women probably can’t cook worth a damn.  Most of these women probably can’t take care of their kids worth a damn because their kids are looking dusty as shit too when they show pictures of them.  Bottom line, most of these women have nothing of any worth beyond an occasional creep session to see what that ass might can do.  But to even contemplate on seeing what it might can do, you got to be a dusty ass knee grow yourself whom doesn’t hold any real standards when it comes to a woman’s appearance.

Your favorite mulatto.


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