The Perfect Woman

So I was watching a movie the other night and in the movie they said something that got my wheels turning.

“Men categorize women in only four categories:  The Mother, The Whore, The Virgin, and The Bitch.”

When I first heard it I immediately rejected it like, “I don’t do that, maybe other guys, but not me.”  As I continued through the process of thinking about it though, I found depth in the statement.  Not that a woman is always one at a time but rather she can embody all of the characteristics in different amounts.

When you think of a mother you think of a nurturing soul who loves to give and to heal others and one who always says what you need to hear.  When you think of a whore you normally think of sex appeal and experience, you think of a good time and not just through intercourse.  You know the whore is going to entertain you in some way automatically (if she is good at what she does) and no, people don’t hate whores, we absolutely love them.  The virgin makes you think of purity, not physical virginity but a purity of heart that says, “I’m hopeful because I haven’t been ruined enough to give up on love yet”.  The reason men love the idea of the virgin is because we love the thought of going where no man has gone before even if it’s not just physical gratification.  Lastly we come to one of the most polarizing types.  The bitch is hard, forceful, mean, catty and vengeful.  She would rather destroy herself and you together than to let you get away with crossing her.  Many people give the bitch a bad name but you must remember she was always the virgin first.  The world destroyed her heart and left her a shadow of her former inner beauty.  The same experience it takes to turn a virgin into a bitch is the same ones it takes to turn a whore into a mother.  Not physical whores, bitches, virgins and mothers but emotional and social.  See the virgin can be too naïve for one person, the whore too wide open, the mother too kind or the bitch too forceful.  In my opinion the perfect woman would be as forceful as the bitch yet as wise as the mother in knowing when to be nurturing, as entertaining, sexy and fun as the whore, as hopeful and bright as the virgin.

This is not my terminology, I got it from of a movie.

Onyx Contributor:  Eli Phoenix

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