The Thirsty and the Thirst Trapper

The Concept of “Thirsty” Wrecks Havoc on the Dating Scene.

You call instead of texting?  You liked a couple of Facebook pictures?  You approach a woman in a club or bar?  You texted good morning?  Cooked breakfast?  Visibly paid attention to them when they are speaking? Make eye contact?  Text back in good time?  Set up a date?  Want to actually get to know someone?  Showing basic, human decency or respect?  Agreed with her?  Congratulations my friend.  You are officially qualified to wear your Badge of Thirst; wear it with self pity.  You are considered Thirsty, my friend.  Now among the very best of the pressed and pathetic.

1. Too eager to get something (especially play)
2. Desperate ~Urban Dictionary

To be frank I never liked the concept of calling people thirsty in this sense in the first place.  The total concept of thirst — looking at it’s original definition — deals with the natural (and necessary) basic instinct to hydrate to restore fluid balance, restore electrolytes to your system, etc.  You certainly need drinking water more than you need fucking.  Wanting sex should not be equated to needing water.  The medical term for abnormal excessive thirst is polydipsia.  Boy I can’t wait until they start using that one {sarcasm}.

Being thirsty has conflated from a term for a lack of proper hydration to pejorative to those who even marginally display positive attention.  At first I’m sure it was intended for those who are desperate.  We all know that desperation is not an attractive quality, but where do we draw the line between thirst and simply trying to get to know someone?

I should also note that the term thirsty seems to more so be aimed at men than women.  Technically if she’s not a codependent person, men adore “thirsty” women.  Men reject women far less than women reject men.  Unfortunately women do not bear the burden of The Approach in regards to the dating scene.  Sure, she can do it, but it’s generally expected for the man to approach the woman… with the probability of being dismissed as thirsty.

While women generally are not labeled thirsty in a egotistical smackdown, they are certainly called — wait for it — thirst trapping.  Thirst trapping or thirst baiting, is the fine art of dressing as stripperific as possible to attain as much sexual attention as possible, without any reasonable intent on actually accepting an approach.  This is a form of attention whoring.  While attention whoring is a broad term that can take place in many ways, thirst trapping deal explicitly with sexual visualizations and false intentions.  Thirst trapping serves primarily to boost a woman’s ego, and it’s made worse with social media’s Liking System.  Also, the dismissive pejorative “thirsty” serves to protect a woman’s ego; while slapping away at men’s ego on their approach a woman shields her own insecurities by resting assured that she can at least, still draw men’s sexual attention.  Inside every woman is a stripper dying to get out.  Social media has allowed women to fulfill that urge to be a stripper without ever actually being one.  And calling men thirsty is their version of the no-touch rule.

The concept of thirst and thirst trapping is made infinitely worse with men (actually, boys) like the one illustrated above.  In fact, these invaginated males do more damage to the dating scene than any feminist ideology.  This is a perfect example of a thirst trapping female and the male idiot who enables said behavior, and this boy’s weakness is an embarrassment to the entire gender, and a proven hindrance in male-female relations.  Being that this thirst trap is intended to get such attention, the female’s head is now gassed up on premium unleaded ego fuel, all because this try-hard said something exaggeratedly stupid.  The worse thing is that most thirst trappers, much like strippers, don’t respect men at all, or at least those who takes the bait.  When a woman is surrounded by this type of behavior of males — the worst, most basic, idiotic behavior of men — it cheapens their outward residual image of men in general.  In America there is this innate fear of men; the stalking threat is a genuine concern.  They begin thinking this behavior is common of all men and will put a sociological distance between themselves and ALL MEN, regardless of how minimal your interest is.  Even ugly women will do this.  Funny, but true.

While the boy depicted above certainly will qualify for his Thirst Badge, there is an inherent problem with calling all men thirsty when they approach women.  It gives the impression that the accusing woman hates men in general, and it’s totally WRONG to approach or even compliment women.

It also kills chivalry.

Why have standards of decency when anything looking decent is considered thirsty behavior?  With the never-ending adaptive behavior of men, the thirst accusation will have men adapting to it, being the most rude, disrespectful creatures on the planet to women, in clubs, in bars, everywhere.  If basic human decency of a polite compliment for example, now qualifies for a thirst accusation, then what’s left for men to do?  They are left to adopt a low-life, no-respect-showing stance then.  Compliment your style of dress, looks or anything, to include your intellect?  Forget about it.  Kiss that shit goodbye.  So overall, thirst accusations don’t only hurt the men they target, they boomerang back and hurt women totally, because if men have to increase the disrespect of women just to NOT be considered thirsty, male-female relations are only going to get worse from here.

It has been said many times in many ways that There are Plenty of Fish in the Sea.  Well the concept of thirst, in it’s full-frontal assault on complimenting and chivalry, is enough to Dry an Ocean.

Photo Credit: Johnny Silvercloud

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