Is It Ever Ok For A Man To Lay Hands On A Woman?

Is It Ever Ok For A Man To Lay Hands On A Woman?

I remember when I was about 6 years old witnessing my mother & father getting into argument which quickly erupted into my mother attacking my father.  I have no clue what the altercation was about, but all I really remember was walking down the hall to see what all the fuss was about, then watching my mom initiate the physical altercation by attacking my dad.  She was attacking him to the point where she started going at him with whatever random object she could get her hands on.  This altercation lasted a good few minutes as it went from the living to the kitchen to the hallway.  With every new room they entered, I recall seeing random shit flying at my dad, some missing him & some hitting  him.  What I recall the most vividly during that altercation was when my mom pulled out a knife or something and threatened to cut my father AND actually swung the knife at my dad.  By this point in time, I’m assuming my father held out long enough in trying to either restrain my mother or by finding a way to calm the situation down through talking.  Once that knife came out, I recall seeing my father slapping the hell out of my mother…and truthfully, I believe he slapped my mom right back into reality so she could get a complete grasp of how far this situation had progressed.  That was the one & only time I have ever seen my father put hands on my mother.

My mother was a different person way back in those days.  She had a fierce temperment & personality, but this is mainly attributed to how she came up as a child.  My father on the other hand was never really a confrontational person, but again, this is attributed to how he was raised.  So even at the very young age of 6, I knew when I saw my father slap my mother, even in my young mind…I knew my mom had severly crossed the line with him for him to react that way.  Fast forward through the years, my mother still held on to her fierce temperament throughout the duration of my childhood, but she never allowed herself to get so wild & out of control that she would try my father like that again.  I believe my mother knew she had crossed way the fuxx over the line during that one altercation & realized that if you come at a man long & hard enough, don’t be surprised if a man reacts to you in the same way he would react to another man.  But all in all, my parents have been happily married for over 30 years now & that incident was a one time thing that happened early on and has never happened since.

I was flipping through the channels yesterday and landed on the Fox News network where I started watching their TV show called The Five.  It’s a show with 5 hosts discussing random events from political stuff to pop culture events, etc.  I landed on the show right as they were starting to discuss what Whoopi Goldberg said in reference to the elevator altercation between Solange & Jay Z.  Here’s a sort of a recap of what Whoopi said followed by reaction commentary from the person who created this video:

As I watching The Five, one of the cohosts by the name of Eric Bolling stated in reaction to Whoopi’s statement that under no circumstances EVER does he believe it is acceptable for a man to hit a woman…EVER.  This is where I call bullshit.

The other day I recorded a podcast in reference to this Jay Z/Solange fiasco & during my podcast I stated that NO ONE is above getting the hell slapped out of them ONLY if the situation became severe enough & warranted.  I also stated that I do not believe in hitting women & during a confrontation with a woman, I will do all I can to difuse the situation if it becomes violent.  But if all those attempts fail and the woman I’m in an altercation with continues to come at me in a physically threatening manner, then I would not hestitate in slapping the shit out of her if that’s the only way I can extinguish the situation.  My statement is pretty much on par with that of Whoopi Goldberg and lady who uploaded that video.  Any man who sees things my way is not, nor should they be classified as a woman beater.  Any woman who feels that it is NEVER acceptable for a man to lay hands on a woman REGARDLESS of how much a woman provokes the man by laying hands on him is a fucking idiot.

See, we live in a society where women get shown extreme favoritism when it comes to matters of domestic violence or even just simple domestic issues such as child support.  In a majority of the instances, women have a legit reason to be shown some degree of favoritism simply because it’s probably way more men beating on women than women beating on men.  But in those instances where it’s women beating on men, some women feel that they are allowed to get away with that shit simply because they are a woman & our society preaches that men are to never hit women under any circumstance.  Men who grow up adhering to that message wholeheartedly will actually allow a woman to physically attack him all because he would rather get slapped & kicked the fuck around out of fear of being labled a woman beater.  This is complete bullshit.  As I stated earlier, I don’t believe in hitting women.  I also believe a man should do everything within his power to avoid hitting a woman even if that means walking away or seeking help to resolve the situation.  But it’s not a guarantee that every man would be able to either leave or seek help when dealing with a physically violent woman….just imagine if it was Jay Z, Solange, & Beyonce in the elevator with no bodyguard and Solange just kept going the fuxx off like some low bottom ghetto-fabulous hoodrat.  In that instance Jay Z had no where to retreat to.  So if Solange had of kept going on & on & on AND on with no one to stop her; if Jay Z had of slapped the shit out of her, I wouldn’t see a damn thing wrong with it.  But the way our society is setup, Jay Z’s career would probably be pretty much over & he would have officially been catipulted to the top of the list for the ultimate poster boy of women beaters.  Solange would have whipped out the poor innocent victim card & had damn near every feminist group in America rallying to her side to address the issues of domestic violence…yet shamefully overlooking her role as the instigator.

Bottom line…

I do NOT believe men OR women should be beating on each other period.  I believe there is always a peaceful way to settle a dispute.  But if a person is physically threatened long enough to the point where a physical confrontation is the ONLY way to settle or difuse the situation; then if a person is willing to put their hands on another person, they need to be prepared to recieve some hands back regardless of one’s sex.

So if a woman feels the need to come at man physically like another man would, then she needs to be prepared to deal with the possible consequence of this man physically handling her like he would do onto another man.  Attacking a man, then screaming abuse if the man chooses to react physically back towards you (the woman)…well, you need to keep your fucking hands & feet to yourself.  Not all men would slap a woman to calm the situation down, but for those that do as a LAST MEANS approach because the woman has basically left him no other option…well, you’re not going to hear any complaints from me as long as it is completely justified beyond a shadow of a doubt.

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