Lady of War: The Female Rapper

Thoughts on What’s to Come

As a man who loves his music and loves his women, I love to see women get along, mass collab on tracks like the one I’m ending this with.  No more petty beefs between each other; Thelma and Louise.  I can only hope that the next aspiring female MC knows and understands that she doesn’t have to be the way the record company’s A&R says she has to be. I hope that when she pries that mic from the microphone stand… with firm intent on rocking it… she knows that many women from various walks of life have walked her path.  I simply wish for ladies to be inspired by more than female rappers who chase controversy to sell albums, or show copious amounts of skin.  Will they check this article and take a look at all of those who walked before them?  Only time will tell.

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