Hoes Winning!!

Being a former hoe myself. Im going to post a few things and say things alot of folks are gonna take hard but its the truth from what ive seen and experienced. Hoes are winning in the daily uphill battle in relationships. This has been a generational battle for the ages. How many great men and women having fallen to the ever so sought after and beloved hoe. I had to look this definition up on the urban dictionary which says a lot but here’s it states: Hoe- 1. A skank 2. A woman that is too loose in the booty. 3. Woman or man that fuck anything with two legs. 4. A promiscuous person.syn: slut.

Notice that word hoe is not gender specific. Male or female can be considered, and be a hoe. With that being said let’s get to the tools hoes use to gain the upper hand.

  1. Hoes are fun. Hoes have persuasion as their help and ally. Hoes know how to get you step out your mental bubble and try something new and fun. This is what we call the start of a hoes battle tactics.
  2. Hoes tell you what you want to hear. They have evaluated you and have learned what you like to hear. They know the words you never hear from others or even your significant others that you wish they would say to you. It lures you into their next tactic seduction. People to make someone want you without even a touch of your hands and just only the thought of you is powerful.
  3. Hoes can be brutally honest. An even powerful weapon. So many folks are lied to that they yearn for the truth. Then comes along that one person who will tell you how it is and with no regard for your feelings. This can be perceived as harsh but surprising seen as love.
  4. Hoes can be your ideal sexual intimate fantasy. Their physical appearance, they way they dress, they way they talk could be you’re most inner infatuation. To feel not being able to resist or vulnerable by his or smile, touch, feel and sexually prowess can be overwhelming.

One reason hoes are winning is because of the limitations that are put on relationships. How many times has a woman said this to her man ” I dont do that it’s not your birthday” when it comes to asking for oral sex. Lets flip it or how many times has a woman had this said to her “bby im tired. You know i don’t like that thrash anyway” when she asks her man to spend time with her doing something she likes.

These are common examples of just two types of limitations folks use in their relationships. There are many more limitations people us on their relationships but I wont go through them all. Not meeting wants and needs emotionally and physically is the number one  hoe attraction. No matter how morally strong an individual can be his or her wants and needs can and will eventually consume them if not taken care of. If you think for one second a hoe is and wont fulfill your partners needs your mistaken. That time you wont spend he or she will spend that time with your partner. That sexual touch or activity you wont do the hoe will provide.

Another reason hoes are winning I mentioned earlier lack or over use of honesty. For example ” If your bF/gf or spouse has gained too much or losing too much weight and you’re losing attraction to them. Why lie to them and not let them know that it’s a level of attraction they must obtain and it’s what you prefer. Instead we lie so we wont hurt his or her feelings. In actuality you are allowing space and room in your mind  for someone to take place and push your relationship further away. Sometimes harsh honesty can be whats needed if it benefits the relationship. Being an honest asshole is different. Dont continuously bring someone down once you do point out a flaw its the ammo you give the hoe to use against what you have going on.

Insecurities are the gateway and the reason hoes are winning these days. We all have insecurities, but when your insecurities have you placing doubt, and mistrust, and fights in your relationship now its a problem. Jealousy is a form insecurity that is a message to a hoe that you are threatened by them with your significant other. You just gave a hoe all the power he or she needs to potentially engage your woman or man. Hoes they see your insecurity and they capitalize on it.

EXAMPLE: Your woman or man is a physically attractive to most people. You yourself feel that you are not on their level of attraction. So you begin to wonder if you’re not good enough for them. So you get guarded of them and jump on any one you feel could take your significant other. The end result making your woman or man begin to lose their attraction and love for you and push them in the arms of a hoe who doesn’t seem threatened by their physical appearence.

CONCLUSION: Hoes are winning due to the fact they are given the tools they need to work against your and anyone elses relationship. Hoes are winning because of what people lack and refuse to change. Hoes are winning because we can’t see past our own insecurities at times. Hoes are winning cause we refuse  to learn and adapt and overcome and win in our relationships. “Anything worth having you have to fight for it”. Please fight for whats yours. You deserve it.

Onyx Contributor:  Immoral Right

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