The Fuxx Is Going On In Hip Hop???

The Fuxx Is Going On In Hip Hop???

I’m really almost at a loss for words with this article here.  I feel like I’m fighting a losing battle and I should just give up and retreat.  I almost feel like handing back over my black card and joining the Latinos or Asians just so I can disassociate myself from this fuxxery black people continually engage in.  I can’t even begin to understand how we’ve got here so fast.  I guess it was in the making a long time I suppose and within the past few years we’ve seen a shift in male hip hop artists who began to embrace a more feminine side…but still, today has marked the day in my mind that hip hop has officially crossed that threshold and will NEVER be the same EVER again….click the video to discover why…

side note:  if you have a weak stomach, you may not want to watch this…you’ve been warned…

So, now that you’ve seen it….here we are.

Where does one begin to break down all the fuxxery taking place in this video & song?  How does one even begin to make sense of this?  Is it really a subject worth being made sense of to begin with?  Smh…

Here We Go

Boys don’t have p*ssies.  They have a cock n balls.  I somewhat understand why a gay guy would use female terms to describe himself, but I damn sure do not understand (nor do I want to) why a gay male would call his ass a p*ssy.  Women have p*ssies or va-jay-jays.  What the fuxx is going on here????

It’s already looked down upon by other races to include our own at times when we have hip hop artists showcasing young women twerking like it’s no tomorrow…now here is a hip hop video showcasing gay males “merking”, male twerking…just learned that term today as well from here…

I feel like jabbing my eyeballs out of my head right now.

I don’t give 2 fuxxs how accepting society will view the gay lifestyle, especially that of the gay male lifestyle; you can never convince me that there will EVER be a time when listening to descriptions of how 2 gay men get down in the bedroom will EVER be on the same level of listening to a description of how 2 women get down or a male and woman get down.  Nobody wants to hear stories talking about getting peanut butter on the helmet.  Nobody wants to envision 2 dudes laid up doing God knows what with each other.  I don’t know of any person I can think of that would honestly feel comfortable listening to a gay guy talk about how he banged out another gay dude.  I don’t know any women that would entertain that bullshit.  Yet here it is, music video and all, with extremely vivid descriptions…..smmfh.

A writer for the Onyx Truth introduced me to the term Homo Hop a few days ago after we had a discussion in a facebook group over the picture posted below.  I’ve never heard of the term Homo Hop and truthfully, I never even knew there was this big hip hop movement in the gay community.  I can say I didn’t know because I’m not a part of that community so what takes place in the gay community is really of very little concern to me.

As far as this above picture goes, I made a comment saying in a jokingly way that “this is the direction rappers of today are heading” which caused me to write my other article entitled The Future Of Hip Hop a few days ago.  Fast forward 3 or 4 days and I see a link posted on my timeline showcasing Houston TX rapper Fly Young Red’s music video.

Is Fly Young Red trying to be the first male version of the 90s era Lil’ Kim with the raunchy (utterly disgusting) lyrics describing his gay escapades?  Is this REALLY helping the gay culture out as far as pursuing their quest for ultimate acceptance in society?  I think not.  I think his music video along with his lyrics help to further solidify in most people’s minds as to why they think the gay lifestyle is unnatural, morally wrong, & just disgusting.  It’s one thing to have an image in your mind of 2 dudes kissing because that’s becoming an even more accepted norm to witness in society and in the media these days, but it’s a totally different thing for someone to paint a wildly vivid image of what possibly takes place behind closed doors within a gay sexual relationship.  I know damn well most of society isn’t & probably never will be open to hearing that, I know I’m not, & I’m willing to bet it’s not too many gay men whom are willing to be so open about how they get down in the bedroom with another man.  Seriously, who wants to hear that shit?

Anyways, this is the current culture of hip hop ladies & gentleman.  I know some of you out there will probably say some dumb shit like “but he’s doing nothing different from Lil’ Kim or what other male rappers have done when talking about their sexual conquests!”  WRONG!!!  Lil’ Kim caught some backlash for her raunchy lyrics back in the day, but guess what…Lil’ Kim is a woman.  Other rappers like Luke & Too $hort have received similar backlash, but guess what…they are straight men talking about sexual conquests of WOMEN.  Sure we can slap them on the hands for how they described their sexual escapades with women, but regardless of how you choose to see it, we live in a world where the activities between a male & female will FOREVER be accepted over the activities between 2 men regardless of how outrageous the male/female activities may be.  It’s the way it is and will always be for the foreseeable future.

Sooooooooooooooo….this is where we are in hip hop and pop culture everybody.  It’s no turning back now.  I stated this before in other articles:  it seems that the quest for fame amongst young black people is so powerful that they are willing to degrade themselves to the lowest levels all in an effort to make a name for themselves under the false promise of achieving “success”.  This video marks a new low & proves that point.  I’m afraid to inquire as to how much lower can things get…better yet, I don’t want to know.

Your favorite mulatto.
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