The Thirst

I got into a debate earlier today with a woman over this picture below…

The debate originally centered around the culture of rape & victim blaming.  The bulk of the debate was about rape and whether or not women who dress “scantily” or not deserve to be raped/assaulted or as the words written on the woman above say…do women deserve it?  The obvious answer to these questions is NO and that was agreed upon by everybody participating in the conversation.  The problem that arouse with me as it relates to the pictured woman above is the fact that by this woman “dressing” this way would probably bring about unwanted attention which could POSSIBLY lead to other things.  We all know that there are some fuxxed up individuals in our society who would do any and everything they can to assault and/or rape a woman regardless of how a woman is dressed.  So when I saw this picture with the message across her body, the first thing that ran through my mind was WHY are you dressed this way to begin with????  I’m assuming she doesn’t dress like this on the regular and she’s obviously attempting to make a point directly at rape culture & victim blaming, but still…the bigger question that remained in my mind is, how can a woman go out in public dressed in damn near no clothing like a lot of women do these days and honestly expect to NOT be harrassed some type of way.  Whether that harrassment is in the form of eye fuxxing, grabbing an ass, or just full out assault/rape (which none of it is ok)….but still…how can women honestly think that they can dress damn near bucked naked and NOT potentially get harrassed at the minimum?

Anyways, that was the main question I wanted to address as far as that above picture goes.  I get what she is saying….but still.

The Thirst

Eventually the conversation shifted somewhat into how women dress sexy in general as if they are not looking for attention which is the real reason of this article.

It never ceases to amaze me when I see a picture of a woman on FB or Instragram dressed very sexy or damn near naked who THEN has the nerve to get mad at the dudes liking her pic.  Really???  Where they do that at?  Or when I used to go to clubs back in the day and see a sexy dressed woman who would then have the nerve to cop an attitude at a dude cause he’s checking her out.  Really???  Where they do that at?  Here’s the thing…if you don’t want men staring or gawking over you, then don’t dress in a manner that invites the attention.  Seems simple right.

Damn near every woman in America knows most men think about sex in some shape or form about 500-leven times a day.  So when a well built woman walks by with a nice outfit on that accentuates her figure, don’t be surprised if men start staring and possibly gawking.  Most men like the sight of boobs and butts, it’s no getting around that and most women know and full well understand that most men LIKE looking at boobs & butts.  So this quest for some women to feel as if they can dress however they want and NOT expect men to stare is ridiculous.  Women like to say these days that men are “thirsty” cause we tend to look at a woman with a nice figure who is obviously putting her figure on display TO BE LOOKED AT.  Truth is….these women are the thirsty ones.

Most women get dressed up for 2 reasons:  to impress other women with her fit & to impress men with her figure.  Keep in mind, I’m not talking about some sweats & a t shirt type of fit.  I’m talking oufits where booties are booming and boobies are damn near popping out of their blouses cause they’ve been mashed up together so hard.  Seriously, who dresses like that and is NOT looking for attention?  I remember a coworker of mines showed up to a holiday party wearing a tight red dress.  They had some type of award presentation going on and she was called up front to get an award.  As she was walking up to the podium, EVERY man and EVERY woman was staring.  Every woman was staring mostly out of jealously or hate because all these women knew their men were staring out of admiration for what this coworker was carrying around.  Put it like this, this coworker had one of those ATL strip club booties and I’m sure damn near every guy at the venue would of loved to run to the local bank to get 100 $1s real quick.  So after the holiday party this coworker developed a new sense of “fame” around the office which caused the female powers that be to decide that for the next event women need to dress more “conservative”…code for “my man was staring and drooling at your ass b*tch“.  And more than likely he was.  But guess what…ole girl set out to accomplish what she intended to do; put her ASSets on display to let dudes know it’s real out in these streets.  So was she acting thirsty?  Possibly.  I wouldn’t say she was dying of thirst tho…but still, she knew what she was doing.

Anyways, to sum this up cause quite frankly this is kind of sporatic:  NOBODY in their right mind believes women should be assaulted and/or raped regardless of how they are dressed…BUT women should not pretend to be so naive or willfully dumb to NOT think that what they wear doesn’t have an effect on men.  Women should not be walking around with their asses all out and honestly expecting men to NOT stare and possibly try them some type of way.  Are you fuxxing kidding me.  The chick in the picture above with the pasties on….I can only imagine the attention she captured at whatever event she was at and I’m willing to bet very few men gave a single fuxx about the message written on her body.

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